The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 30, 2010

I Spy...

Very often, I am spied upon by various robotic individuals named Hymie from the show Get Smart to ensure that in actuality, I am being the fine upstanding example to all of humanity that I insist I'm being.

So I pretend I'm my son's one and only sculpture and eavestrough on the real spy, Chris, under the cone of flatulence, with the help of The Chief, Agent 99 and Hymie.

This doesn't always work. I don't know where the green flatulence machine went. Donn has one but he retired it. I once blogged about it, but go find it yourself if you must.

I have no idea why, but I took a shot of my apartment door.I Continuing on, here is the hallway below that I have seemingly walked for months. Now, of course, I am walking outside and terrorizing people. Better bring down the Cone of Silence!
Here below is me taking aim at somebody. Do NOT try this at home.
Here is the real me, below, trying to figure out all this complex stuff.

Blogging's Extinction

For some reason, I can't seem to copy and paste it. But I had two visitors in the past two weeks. So who am I writing for? It's the old falling tree in a forest trick.
If nobody hears it fall, DID it fall? DID it die? Yes, it did. The tombstone will read: "Blogging R.I.P...a victim of little blurbs -- farcebookisms -- of thought." And as with all deaths, we will lament its passing.

We will also lose what intellect we had left, out of non-use. That's evolution. What isn't used becomes a victim of extinction.

June 29, 2010

Chinese Invasion

This is what blogging has become. They're like ants at a picnic, or worse. They are some form of Chinese.

I have nothing against China. But they are one of the most populous nations on Earth. And every morning when I wake up, they have invaded my blog and left gibberish for comments and I fail to understand their point.

I am never actually going to allow one of their comments -- it's all in Mandarin or some other dialect -- so what's their point anyway? I think we have to assume that this is all mechanized.

And that some Chinese computer geek has come up with an automated program, like a germ, that automatically does this. And that Google's security system cannot stop it. Knock yourselves out.

June 25, 2010

Look at this Photograph

That's my son, Evan, Left foreground with the backwards baseball hat, on a cold day around Winnipeg a few years ago when we drove out with some of his friends to a paintball competition which I did NOT win.
The crucial thing? Neither did he.
He graduated from Grade 12 today. Unfortunately, he forgot to tell me until yesterday. A chip off the old block! Fortunately his sister, who is at least halfway sane and who is WAY more organized than either of us, drove him over here.
For some reason, all the pix that were taken, I can't find on this computer. My kids and I pretended to be The Avengers Spy Group or Hymie the robot or something like that.
Here are the only pix I could find.

Above is a long ago pic of me and my kids.

Here is a pic of me and my kids after I have had the stroke this year.

This above is Evan holding a pet chicken.

This above is Ev obviously at a young age.

This above is Evan and me a few years ago when he and some of his friends went out for some paintball.

June 20, 2010

Fathers Day 2010

ThThat should be true. My daughter gave this to me -- I can't remember now if my son Evan ALSO gave it to me -- several years ago.
Today is Father's Day 2010. We know most of these days were just made up by the card companies to sell more cards. But it's like me saying I wish the Allies had never bombed Hiroshima.
My kids have done lots over the years to make sure I never feel like useless tits on a bull. But let's face it -- the mother is far more important than the male in child rearing, once you take impregnating the woman away.
But really, what IS then the role of a father? It IS or can be influential. It is being there, it is not being afraid to feel, it is teaching your kids what's right and what's wrong, it's being responsible, it's respecting.
It's a whole bunch of things. They all add up to it's loving.

My kids are grown now. For my son, especially, it's about learning to grow up and not be a doofus. And increasingly, at 18, he isn't.

The picture above is the pix of him I've got within the pic I brought back from India that also has some pix of my daughter. The pix, ironically, is of a snake charmer. And sometimes, with my kids, that's what I have to be.

I don't know where the pix went. But on my bed. I've got this little pillow given to many years ago by my daughter, who's now 22 or something.
On it, it says simply "A Father is somenone you look up to, no matter how tall you get." Fathers aren't the important life sustaining creature that mothers are. But we have no choice. Smile to your kids. Love them.

June 14, 2010

It's our own Tianenman Square

Earlier today, I tried accessing a friend's Facebook site. Not blog. A note came on the screen saying my reqest for that site was going through some kind of filter. I never could access that site.

Isn't this becoming just a LITTLE bit like what happened in Tianenman Square in China?

Bring it on.

You will just hasten the dissappearance of so many. Must not be making enough money.

June 13, 2010

The Death of Free Speech

Blogger, it turns out, is a corporate Baby. It has infuriated most of us by arbitrarily and with no warning obliterating apopular blog, Infomaniac, and then refusing all queries to at least explain why.
It is not any longer about why or whether some of us chose to go there. It is about how Blogger can just DO this, I thought welived in a democracy. There is something called freedom of speech.
Or freedom of expression.
Doing away with MJ's blog serves no one's interests. It is heavy handed and takes away the rights of those who choose to go there, despite Blogger's warnings. I urge the blog's immediate reinstatement, as is and was.

June 12, 2010

Orwellian or what?

So what? While Blogdom is dying a slow, painful death due to Farcebook, primarily, Blogger itself kills one of its most popular blogs, by MJ of Infomaniac fame and Vancouver, Canada?
Pretty soon, Blogger will bumble all across the land and silently, with a deft hand, decide for us all who we should visit and who we shouldn't -- even though MJ's blog was labelled and flagged with warnings.
These warnings let everyone know they MIGHT be offended by the content, and warned the faint of heart or those who might be offended to take a hike if they so wanted.
They came by the scores anyway. But Blogger, I guess, figured it had to be the moral judge for ALL of us. and obliterated that blog.
Then I ask you to obliterate this blog, too, if you want. Or you don't like the pleebs saying something you disagree with? You will just rush my own disappearance from the blog world.
Or maybe that's what you are hoping happens?

June 11, 2010

Yet more Useless Stuff

Well, as usual, this is notworking properly. I took and then downloaded a whole bunch of new pix to my new computer with the brand new Window 7, but I can't download those new pictures into my blog.

It is extremely frustrating. Wasn't computing supposed to make your life easier rather than more difficult? Oh, but then what would all those employed techs do for a job? Just like auto and TV repair people.

So the person above is my son Evan, when he was a young kid and had barely a care in the world.

The couple above is an emu couple at a wild safari zoo. The most colourful and vibrant specimen, of course, is the colourful one on the left. He is a male. The one on the ground, doing little, is the female. Note her dullness.

What males won't do...

Take, for example, the silly photo shop job from above. This is a compilation, I belive of Donn and Andrea Pratt.

This above is part of my family having fun.

This above is a real live xray of my friend Donn's brain.

And this, of course. is me.

June 10, 2010

Yet More Stuff (also titled, is it Grey or Gray?)

Well, here it is again...MY BALCONY!!!!!! Above & Below are pictures of my two lounging chairs, which I might actually use if it ever warmed up more than say -3,000 C, which for you dense Americans stands for Celsius or Centigrade.
actually decide so they stuck us with both, which I know someone is going to correct me on. I walked outside today and it was grey, wet and about -300 degrees Celcius --or whatever. It was cold!

Here is the pool. You can see how well used it is today.

Here is the obviously well used barbecue machinery from a few apartments below.

Here are three sad plants from over winter. DOH!!
Here is the dull-looking greyness from beyond.

Or should that be, FROM the Great Beyond?

Oops! This shot is just upside down.

June 9, 2010

More Stuff

I have no idea what this post is about. It includes the laughable stupidity of the pic illustration above.

Plus also the contentment of me and my two kids below, who I took a few years ago to Caddy Lake in Ontario by invite of my brother Gerry and his wife Kim. We had a great time with them and their kids, Josh and Matthew.

It includes a dose of perspective, which I;m learning a lot about.

It has very little to do with anything, but here's a shot of a baboon attempting to hide in a wildlife park. Of course, it isn't wild inthe least; it's trained to beg for sustenance. So am I.
Here below is a pair of mating baboons. Note their happiness together.

This above is after me and Donn, that smuck, capsized my canoe at Wallace Lake many moons ago. We had been drinking, of course.