The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

March 28, 2010

Being Simpsonized and other Stuff

I am a huge kidder. But Homo Escapeons is also a big kidder. That's one of the reasons we always laugh at each other. Ha ha ha ha! Once, he tried to Simpsonize me (above).
This, as you can see, is what I thought of that idea. And below, with my red-eye goofy son Evan in the foreground sitting next to his cousin Josh, it looks like my mother, Louise, is about to give me the finger.

Above, just an old hockey practise shot taken by one of my friends for my paper, Phil.
My hero, above. Or among them.
Why we do what we do.

One of my faves of all time, Hymie, below.

Some of my most influential driving forces of all time...


What most women look like, above; what that makes their men want to do, below.

A non-typical Manitoba winter, above.

March 27, 2010

Another chance to plug Vegas

My sister Lisa and her family are going to Vegas. This means I can take out the jigger my daughter gave me. I do not gamble. In fact, I'm pretty boring.
I don't think you can see them, but above are Mrs. Homo Escapeons and her unfortunate (no, he's Fortunate!) child by him,,,in fact, he is very fortunate.
This is my mom, who will turn 80 this month and is extremely fortunate, because she had me.
Here are yet more of my fortunate family members.
Here is my brother-in-law Darren wind-surfing on Lake Winnipeg, barely 45 minutea north of where I live.
This is one of my nephews, Cole. He has the cottage at Lake Winnipeg. Or said properly, Lisa and Darren have it.
This is D. carrying part of his gear to the lake...
Above and below, these are pix of the two kids AT Lake Winnipeg...

Another of our clan, Matthew, below, somewhere in I assume the Lake Of The Woods region two hours east of Winnipeg.

Just for laughs...

March 26, 2010

Just More Donn-Chris Stupidity

So I just feel entirely stupid today. OK then might as well write about someone who's entirely stupid, and that's Donn. Donn, we love you.
But can we laugh at you?
I will steal your lovely wife.
I will publish these photos of you, which aren't even embarrassing to you.

Poor Ridz!
Some of the jerks. Did we make you laugh? Or cry?
These two, I think, speak for themselves.

You're a goof.

And to think--Ridz is going to be just like YOU!!

All I can say about below is: My life was never the same after this night!

March 24, 2010

Spring has Sprung? Sure...

It snowed in Winterpeg today, so fittingly, I have taken pix of the snow in my apartment's pool and pix of the nearby hockey arena where I both played as a kid and later coached.

This pic is sideways, but I am too lazy to change it. Deal with it!
In this pic, I am trying to show that the snow had almost entirely melted. Doh!
Here's that pool! It really CAN get hot here in the summer time!