The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

March 28, 2010

Being Simpsonized and other Stuff

I am a huge kidder. But Homo Escapeons is also a big kidder. That's one of the reasons we always laugh at each other. Ha ha ha ha! Once, he tried to Simpsonize me (above).
This, as you can see, is what I thought of that idea. And below, with my red-eye goofy son Evan in the foreground sitting next to his cousin Josh, it looks like my mother, Louise, is about to give me the finger.

Above, just an old hockey practise shot taken by one of my friends for my paper, Phil.
My hero, above. Or among them.
Why we do what we do.

One of my faves of all time, Hymie, below.

Some of my most influential driving forces of all time...


What most women look like, above; what that makes their men want to do, below.

A non-typical Manitoba winter, above.


  1. Hey Chris---so Jabba the Hut is one of your heroes, eh? (notice I'm speaking Canadianese there eh?) :) Interestink. Berry interestink :)

  2. Yeah, Pam: What does that say about me? HA!

  3. love me that Hymie....I wonder what his brain looks like

    (btw - I don't know if I agree with that assessment - my brain seems more male)

  4. Annie: Hymie is SO one of my true heroes! So is Maxwell Smart! Let's lower The Cone of Silence, 99...

  5. Those deer are just asking to be eaten, sticking out in the snow like that! Jabba could have them as after dinner mints!

  6. Eroswings. Ibet you grunt, too! Just kidding!


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