The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 28, 2010

Stace's Vegemite Sandwich

A few months ago -- who cares about the Winter Olimpics, I just want to be in Australia, where she's from -- Stace sent Donn & I some Vegemite, at our request. We refused her husband, Aidan, which she offered as a free gift.

The Vegemite was in a word, awful. I don't know how those Down Unda People eat that every day. Maybe it explains Roos, I dunno. But as Donn and I found out, it also -- whew! -- resemles termite poo.

As IS his wont, Donn took to his artistic self. This in fact is the piece of paper he worked on as I, a talent-less waif in that regard, looked on and laughed. Ha! Ha!

Note he even signed it!

I will have you know this not real POOP, just make-believe vegemite poop.


Who likes cats?

In the End, we found that the same stuff Stace sent from Oz is the same stuff naturally found in Stace's Stuff. Doh!
But Donn the Dingbat Did not tell her or is lovely wife, Alice.He and probably laughed uncontrollably at it, though. Then we must have forgotten about it with our minuscule male minds.

Then there was Donn...

February 26, 2010



He's one of my fave no-Brains/Big Muscles guys ever, and he's Califonia's governor.

Ronald Reagan? No, it's barely present, but it's believed he has what passes as a human brain, despite singing When Irish Eyes are Smiling with long-forgotten Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

It's Ahnold!

Our fave guy who became a STAR in NORTH AMERICA, even though he can barely speak English and Has a pea-sized brain. But so did Tyrranny Sarus Rex!

A slight detail . Uhh, they became Extinct, with all the other dinosaurs. But as Ahnold says, I'll Be Bach!

February 24, 2010

Family Guy

Just Imagine! Today is my dad Don's 80th birthday! I don't know why, then, I'm posting pix of my kids Monica & Evan...
That's my dad, above right, with my niece Rebecca and my nephew Ben.
This is one of my other nephew, Andrew (Rebecca's brother) with his GF.
This is another of my nieces, Rachel.
This is my sister-in-law, Gerry's wife, Kim.
This ismy brother Gerry looking Goofy.
Above is me and my kids from a couple of years ago.
Above is just my two kids.
This above is my bossy sister Lisa.
My horribly bossy niece, Rebecca.
Above, my horribly bossy daughter, Monica. Are We starting to get a theme here?

February 21, 2010

Viva Las Vegas & Other Things

My daughter Monica recently went to Vegas with her friend. I am about to find out all the gory details. But she brought ME back this. I wonder what this gift says about me?

This is Dan Goodspeed, a 6-foot-5, 300-pound behemoth formerly of the Canadian Football League's Winnipeg Blue Bombers and, like me, a victim of knee sugery. He's from Florida and is one the nicest guys ever.
Here's just another Lake of the Woods sunset. The pic was taken by one of my brothers, Gerry.
This is just another pic of me. Above, that is. Below is my rendition of "Don't Let the sun go down on Me," I guess.

So is this below, I guess. Both pics were taken by my brother, Gerry.

Even this was.

The above is from Donn, of course. He's such an imbecile. And speaking of imbeciles, that's most of my family, below, from a few years ago.
Another stupid Donn invention below.

My now-insane mom with Lisa & Darrens daughter, above; just another goofy pic of me, below.
Me about to dive off the 10-metre platform in a joke thing at Winnipeg's Pan Am Pool two years ago or so...

My sis Lori, above; my brother-in-law Darren, Lisa's unfortunate husband, below.

My youngest Bro Gerry with his youngest son Matthew, above, and me in Finland, below.

Me as a journalist, above; just a bunch of silly pix, below...

Doh! Below, at the lake.

Double Doh!