The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

May 16, 2006

U.S. declares war on Canada...WHY NOT?

So the el presidente Mr. Bush is considering putting armed U.S. soldiers on the Canada-U.S. border.

This is the longest undefended international border in the history of mankind.

And Mr. Bush League, in the latest cock-eyed manoeuvre in his completely contrived war on terror, is potentially going to spend more military dollars to seal his country off to those Canadian terrorists.

Like the rest of the free world, we Canadians don't generally have a lot of respect for Mr. Bush. We realize that Americans themselves are fine people, but on the other hand, they did elect this guy (well, not really the first time, but they DID the second time).

However, we digress.

Bush might as well set mouse traps to stop the infestation of his house by ants or termites. And for that matter, he started the infestation in the first place by going out and about and stomping all over those ants and termites, laughing gleefully as he did so, spawning their ire.

The ants and termites, to no one's surprise, have responded as any threatened creature would -- by setting out to destroy the monster that is stomping on them. He went and sought them out, went where he had no business going, and now they are responding in kind.

So now it has come to this -- defending the Canada-U.S. border with soldiers. Got to seal off all possible entry points for those terrorists! And certainly don't want all those illegal immigrants coming up from Mexico either (even though they'll work for peanuts and we like them).

As any bug exterminator will readily attest, ants and termites will always find an entry point no matter what you do, short of removing the entire house's population and poisoning every nook and cranny.

And maybe that's Mr. Bush's next step...he'll just nuke Canada and Mexico. Better go stock up on water and head to North Dakota...