The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 13, 2010

Blogging is NOT Dead

I have been taught an important lesson. Blogging is NOT dead.

There still are many friends of mine -- yes, even Farcebook weinies among them -- who do both. And there even are some who still blog without resorting to the shorter quickness of Farcebook.

The important thing is that we communicate. I don't necessarily GET the relative quickness, convenience and in some cases the shallowness of Farcebook over blogging.

But who am I to question it? It is a phenomenon. People have less disposable time. They have less time to say things in. They are becoming more economical in terms of what they do with their disposable time.

Still, I blog to get the life experience of others on the planet. And I will continue to try to do that. To each his or her own. Blogging AND Farcebooking are where I want and need to be.