The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

March 1, 2009

Film Crew Invasion


He performed as one of the two lead characters in a Charlie Brown school play at Christmas, and he loved it...loved the singing, the bit of dancing, getting into the character.And for Evan, who's a bit like Charlie Brown himself, that wasn't such a tough challenge.

His ascent in the entertainment world has been incredibly fast, however. Because now he's in the movies. And he and his film crew invaded my apartment for some live takes that were full of laughs.

This collection of four Grade 11's and one Grade 12 are putting together some sort of school film, with the Grade 12 fellow as the director. I gathered they don't have a name for the film yet.

But they walked over with their camera and tripod and microphone and invaded my bedroom and living room and his bedroom for some footage. They were OK with me taking some snaps.

The film seems to be all about a young guy who never cleans up his room and gets into constant trouble with his dad for that (hmmm...sounds a lot like real life).

In the end, though, as far as I can understand, he cleans up his room, gets back in his dad's good books, gets the scholarship he's been waiting for and gets all his privileges restored to him.

During their time here, I had to move to different parts of my apartment to get out of their way. Harumph.

I urged the crew to actually go into Evan's room and see what a mess it was.

They razzed him endlessly and while I'm not sure of this, I think my suggestion caused the director to incorporate that scene into the film.

What I also know is these young guys were laughing like crazy all the way through as they did take after take after seemingly endless take...

Until, finally, they left.

Evan is second from left below and his best friend, Jeremy, is on the far right, foreground. The tallest guy in the back and second from right is Colby, who I coached in basketball with Evan years ago.

It needs to be added that Evan -- who worked until 3 a.m. Saturday morning, started filming at about 9:30 that morning and had to work again last night -- slept in this morning and I just got a call from Jeremy asking where he was.
Doh. Some things never change.