The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 6, 2007

The $1.49 US shirt


And gotten into a bit of hot water for it.

The one above is one of the tame ones, from one of his weekly visits over to my place...his weekly "holiday" from the married life and his fatherly duties to be with a single man.

Some of the others timidly showed a bit of skin. Oh, we don't use the words "be with" in the biblical sense. We went to college together, we are very good friends, we joke, we laugh, we giggle.

We talk about all the rest of you bloggers behind your backs. We sometimes go online and check out all of your blogs together...and come up with new ideas to post about.

He got all the girls then, but he says I get them all now. That isn't true, but whatever.

The point of this post is to talk about something Homo Erectus blogged about a while ago, his visit to the U.S.

He and his lovely wife and son joined some other family types for a trip to North Dakota, where HE bought a shirt for $1.49 US. I could not believe this and dared him to wear it to my place.

He already gets far too much ink on his own blog, but I figured it was too good to pass up.

And here it is...

Here is Homo Escapeons, a la Burt Reynolds, posing on my bed (yechh!!!) in his fashionable $1.49 shirt with two packs of oysters (double yechh!!!) and a rye and Coke, apparently ready to rumble.

If HE had bought this shirt in Canada, where our money is worth perhaps only three-quarters of the American buck, he would have had to buy it at a second-hand store for, say, $5.

But being the international man of intrigue and global sex symbol that he is, as illustrated aptly by these poses, he can wear such clothing and get away with it.

He's also able to somehow show up at my place wearing oversized snowmobile suits and then strip those off in favour of the ugliest sweatpants you've ever seen. But I digress.

HE considers himself the ultimate consumer, so I'm planning a trip to Grand Forks, North Dakota, in a search for similar clothing.

All I need to do is renew my passport and take plenty of suitcases.