The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 6, 2007

The $1.49 US shirt


And gotten into a bit of hot water for it.

The one above is one of the tame ones, from one of his weekly visits over to my place...his weekly "holiday" from the married life and his fatherly duties to be with a single man.

Some of the others timidly showed a bit of skin. Oh, we don't use the words "be with" in the biblical sense. We went to college together, we are very good friends, we joke, we laugh, we giggle.

We talk about all the rest of you bloggers behind your backs. We sometimes go online and check out all of your blogs together...and come up with new ideas to post about.

He got all the girls then, but he says I get them all now. That isn't true, but whatever.

The point of this post is to talk about something Homo Erectus blogged about a while ago, his visit to the U.S.

He and his lovely wife and son joined some other family types for a trip to North Dakota, where HE bought a shirt for $1.49 US. I could not believe this and dared him to wear it to my place.

He already gets far too much ink on his own blog, but I figured it was too good to pass up.

And here it is...

Here is Homo Escapeons, a la Burt Reynolds, posing on my bed (yechh!!!) in his fashionable $1.49 shirt with two packs of oysters (double yechh!!!) and a rye and Coke, apparently ready to rumble.

If HE had bought this shirt in Canada, where our money is worth perhaps only three-quarters of the American buck, he would have had to buy it at a second-hand store for, say, $5.

But being the international man of intrigue and global sex symbol that he is, as illustrated aptly by these poses, he can wear such clothing and get away with it.

He's also able to somehow show up at my place wearing oversized snowmobile suits and then strip those off in favour of the ugliest sweatpants you've ever seen. But I digress.

HE considers himself the ultimate consumer, so I'm planning a trip to Grand Forks, North Dakota, in a search for similar clothing.

All I need to do is renew my passport and take plenty of suitcases.


  1. Anonymous8:37 p.m.

    Didn't you know that most of our shirts cost that much? It's a well kept secret.

  2. I was expecting a shirt with a little more interest for $1.49 - something more like his martini shirt.

    It's a shame he shaved off the goatee. I thought he looked so much better with it.

    And he's right - you do get all the women.

  3. I almost didn't recognise him without the lamp shade on his head:)....

    I love op shopping for clothing some of the coolest gear, especially black gear comes from the op shop:)

  4. Anonymous9:42 p.m.

    Hey, he wore that same shirt to my house last night. I'm sure he's gotten his money's worth by now.

  5. ooooh, oysters -hate those thingd!! :).

  6. Pamela:

    No wonder they cost so little.

    You guys have such low taxes but you have to be able to pay your own medical insurance.



    He has a martini shirt?

    He can grow the goatee back in a couple of days. I wonder if he dyes it.

    Women: Well, let's put on the record that he's a very happily married man to a lovely woman.

    So in that sense, compared to him, yes I get all the women...but I'm the only one lookin', when I'm lookin'. ;-)


    Neither did I.

    What does op stand for? Out of Pocket? Out of Pennies? Oh Piss...


    Ha! Ha! So if we can confirm he also wore it Thursday, that would be three days straight, at least...

    He must REALLY like it...


    Well your fellow Ozzie, Aidan, loves 'em. I just tolerate 'em...

  7. Anonymous10:56 p.m.

    Nice to have a visual to go with H.E.'s post. However if I am to be totally honest, the more intersting image is the background.

    Oh my heavens! But I do love Love LOVE those celestially fabu beads! Way groovy man!

    Ever yours

  8. Anonymous2:51 a.m.

    Here in Mississippi, we have a place called "Hudson's Dirt Cheap" and it is just that....dirt cheap.

    I racked up on socks and underwear for the entire family....ten pairs each and only spent 6 bucks!

    Come on over to the darkside (US) you two devilishly handsome men!

    HE...your wife is one lucky woman, intelligence and looks, killer and deadly combination. woman will find herself extremely happy with you!

    You two RAWK!!

  9. How impossibly irresponsible of you to waste a portion of cyberspace on my $1.94 shirt from Chez Tarzjay...
    unfortunately the shirt is absolutely unremarkable and is more of a testament to my parsimonious nature than poor fashion sensibilities.

    From the initial responses it is quite obvious that I should have had about 15 more drinks and photographed wearing nothing but the fabu celestial beads (and a goatee for Anna)

    ..please move on to something moderately interesting that I can ridicule while I lick my wounds and grow my gaotee...

    even my goodladywife completely agreed with lady flippin' wordsmith's assessment that the Sun/Moon beads were far more interesting and wondered why they weren't in our house! OUCH!

  10. Lady Wordsmith:

    Well see, now his fragile male ego is torn to shreds by your being so taken with those beads.

    Those beads are in the doorway of my daughter's room. My son's room is adorned by beads featuring a frog in a tree.



    Hudson's Dirt Cheap, huh? Maybe HE and I could get the franchise rights for Canada...


    $1.94 or $1.49? I may have to redo the post entirely if I got the facts wrong...

    Yes, I think Anna wants you to grow the goatee back. I'd follow suit but mine comes in grey.

    As far as a photo shoot of you nekkid with the beads, no way, daughter passes through those things.

    And even I wouldn't want to see that. Maybe you and your lovelyladywife want to switch abodes for a night...

    I will contemplate something moderately more my toilet bowl ring.

  11. Anonymous3:30 p.m.

    You guys are crazy! Good to hear of "men" having some good old bonding time though! lol!


  12. Anonymous6:52 p.m.

    Sounds like you boys had a great time. I need a girls night, scratch that, I need a boys night. ;-)

  13. Oh! He is absolutely a darling cutie BUT what is he doing in your bed?

  14. Yes, I absolutely want HE to grow the goatee back.

    As for you, WW, I'm imagining you with a full beard. The mere thought makes me swoon. Then again, you have such a wonderfully strong jawline and chin. I wouldn't want the beard to hide those features... or your beautiful lips... or... Sorry, I got carried away. ;)

  15. Laura:

    There's not too many weeks go by that we don't get together for some sane insanity...

    I'm not sure whether I've ever mentioned before about the time me and HE and a few other college buddies stripped nekkid and went out and cross-country skied and did snow angels in the middle of winter and in the dead of the night.

    We don't do much of that any more...


    You need a boys' night out? I'm not sure you could keep up with us...but you could try.

    Our is an all-inclusive club that's mostly for guys, though. I wouldn't have to get permission but HE might.

    Doesn't He Who Does Not Do Dishes (hope I got that right) have any such get-togethers in the Montana foothills?


    He (or was it I) wanted the Burt Reynolds centrefold look. It was either my bed or my daughter's.

    I was far away. Very far away.


    Um, gee, gulp, stumble...

    I wouldn't be surprised to see HE growing his goatee back.

    If my beard wasn't grey, I'd probably do it too. Need to keep those lips and chin warm, doncha know...

  16. Anonymous11:19 p.m.

    The only get togethers HWDDD attends involve darts, poker, bowling, golf, spider solitaire and great quantities of beer. We are very much opposites (and no they don't always attract).

    As for keeping up with you and HE, I'm a tough Montana chick, I think I could handle it. You, on the other hand, might have a difficult time keeping up with me. ;-)

  17. jeez ww, he is pretty hunky. but i, ww, as you correctly announced in this very public forum, have confined my crushes and attentions to you. and ww, you might be thankful for the distance factor, because i believe all that prior post stuff about breaking hearts and being single would be swept away at first meeting. ok, there are probably a few ususual challenges with you and me, but hey, you would never again be bored a day in your life.

    ps why am i writing this? why am i being provocative? should i say i'm kidding?

    next lifetime, ww.

  18. Laurie:

    Hmmm...that sounds like an "I dare you."

    HE and I do play cards sometimes (ever played Phase 10?) but mostly we just solve all the world's problems and laugh like crazy.

    Very few evenings go by when we don't talk about religion, about Dubya, about ourselves, about our kids.

    And almost invariably we end up hitting up my computer to check out our blogsites and others'.

    I have no doubt that as a tough Montana chick, you could handle it. Can't comment on the keeping up with you part now, can I?

    In terms of opposites not always attracting, I don't know that it's my place to say anything about that, if I get what you're saying.

    Except that opposites or alike on the surface, there are too many other variables that aren't definable.

    It either works or it doesn't, seems to me.



    Hey, you, I was just kiddin' about the crush. That's what you once said. And I love teasing.

    I tease my mom, I teased my grandmother, I tease my three sisters, I tease my nieces, I tease females all the time.

    It's what makes the world go round. It makes life interesting and far from boring.

    I'm assuming you are just kidding. And how do you know there's a life after this one?

    If there is, I would welcome the chance to meet you.

  19. what? whose kiddding about my crush? it's mine and i'm keeping it.

    ww, lighten up and let me flirt with you.


  20. KJ:

    But, but, but...OK.

    I'm just not a good flirt, I guess. Can never tell how serious people are and when flirting becomes more than that.

    I'll try to lighten up ;-)

  21. Grey is sexy. I say do it. :)

    And I'll refrain from posting suggestions on other ways to keep your lips warm. ;)

  22. Anonymous3:27 a.m.

    AAAAH- the cheap shirt! mwaaaaaaaahahahahaha...
    listen- is it just me or is he often pictured with a mapshade on his head?

  23. Anonymous3:28 a.m.

    oh crap- i mean "a lampshade"!


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