The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 4, 2008

My heart's beating BIG for him...

I'm sorry, I really thought I would have the power to avoid this blatant parental pride and overwhelming joy for my son.

But I can't.

I was blown away on Wednesday night by Evan's performance as Charlie Brown in his high school presentation of the musical You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. He blew my socks off. And other peoples' too.

Suffice to say, school endeavours have never been his strong point. But the kid's a keeper when he finds something he likes. And acting and singing are what he likes.

His drama teacher raves about him. The choir teacher is begging him to join her class because he has an "excellent voice." Whatever.

The important thing is that he had a huge, huge smile after his nervous nellie debut. So those two years of singing lessons I put him through have, at least partly paid off. My heart's beating strong for him.

Here are some images, as badly as they were taken without a flash.