The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 4, 2008

My heart's beating BIG for him...

I'm sorry, I really thought I would have the power to avoid this blatant parental pride and overwhelming joy for my son.

But I can't.

I was blown away on Wednesday night by Evan's performance as Charlie Brown in his high school presentation of the musical You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. He blew my socks off. And other peoples' too.

Suffice to say, school endeavours have never been his strong point. But the kid's a keeper when he finds something he likes. And acting and singing are what he likes.

His drama teacher raves about him. The choir teacher is begging him to join her class because he has an "excellent voice." Whatever.

The important thing is that he had a huge, huge smile after his nervous nellie debut. So those two years of singing lessons I put him through have, at least partly paid off. My heart's beating strong for him.

Here are some images, as badly as they were taken without a flash.


  1. Fantastic!
    What greater thrill can a parent have than sitting back and seeing their child find their thing.

    Consider yourself fortunate to have had a front row seat at what may very well turn out to be, the inception of a rewarding career.

    Awesomeness isn't a generic trait and only a few stars get a chance to twinkle where everyone can see them. Of course you and I both know that there may be a little something in your gene pool that might come in handy some day. Regardless he did this on his own and it should give him a tremendous boost of confidence and validation...very exciting.

    Way to go EV!

  2. I can feel your pride all the way over here and Im beaming for you......

    Well done to your lad for finding 'his way'....


  3. Yippee! I love this post and I can so relate. We've discussed the similarlity between your son and my younger son before and last week mine (age 14) was in his first drama production, one of three one-act plays. I, too, was impressed, though it's not as big as headlining a big musical like this. Way to go Evan! (and way to go, Dad!) (Adam brought home his report card today with A's in theatre comapany and advanced drama -- which supposedly is only for Grade 10's and up and he's in Grade 9. We will, however, ignore the incompletes in Humanities (Socials and French for Immersion students). :)

    Maybe one day Evan and Adam will be in some fantastic road trip comedy together, Moncton to Victoria, or some such...

  4. Well, Mr. Snippity Snip Snip...

    As usual, as one of the best parents and certainly most excellent fathers I know who's an example to me, I can't argue.

    I'm not sure this will be his THING. But right now, he's basking in the glow of finding SOMEthing that he loves and enjoys and, this time, really succeeded at.

    And that's all that matters and what's still making me smile. It's a milestone for him, it really is.

    The gene pool notwithstanding, I'm going to encourage him in this as much as possible so he can twinkle some more. That was a brilliant sentence, by the way.


    Thanks, your beaming is brightening us up here in the Great White North, even at night.

    It's particularly special coming from a marvellous mum like you.



    I thought you'd be able to relate, lovely one. Your kids are gifted, achieving sons with very loving parents, who really complete the whole picture.

    Haven't seen Ev's report card yet, but I doubt there will be many A's and more of the incompletions you're talking about with Adam.

    Still, it's all about finding what they love, their niche, the work that makes them feel alive.

    Maybe Ev and Adam WILL end up trapsing across the country together -- wouldn't that be a hoot?

  5. *blushing* oh hush I so aint..... lol


  6. That is so great.
    My son (16) struggles big time with schoolwork and his room, but is showing real promise with musical and acting ablity.
    He has been a big hit at the talent shows at school. He plays piano and they love the dead on impersonations he does of the teachers (a la Frank Gorshon). And he has become involved in drama where he is blowing them away. It's so great to see.
    So glad for Evan, and I am very happy for you too!

  7. Toasty:

    Oh yes you so is. :-)


    It's like this with a lot of young guys and was with me.

    They want to create and be imaginative, which comes so much easier and is so much more fun.

    They DON'T want to work hard to learn things they don't care about...things that don't click with them.

    Congratulations to your son and to you.

    I keep telling my dingbat that life's not just about doing what you like, it's also about doing what you don't like that's the true measure of someone.

    But when a teenager can succeed like this, the dose of confidence is immeasurable.

  8. Congratulations! Bravo!

    I luv the Charlie Brown specials--looking forward to the Xmas reruns of A Charlie Brown Christmas.

    I'm so happy to hear how fantastic your son did. All that hard work paid off! You should be proud. School plays are quite the production! And anyone who gets up to perform in front of a crowd is quite brave and talented!

  9. That's just awesome. I don't blame you for being proud. Pass on congratulations from Aidan and I! :)

  10. Eroswings:

    Thanks man.

    I am, indeed, proud of him. For a single, childless man (right?) such as yourself to get that says a lot about you.


    Thanks, beautiful girl. I will do JUST that.

  11. Yet another heartwarming post. I love the way you parent and I will be coming to you for advice as my girls get older.

    I am beaming with pride for Evan. He must feel wonderful about his success and I hope he has this feeling time and time again in the days/months/years to come.

    He's a fantastic young man, but that isn't surprising. After all, he has a fantastic father.

  12. How awesome. I've always loved Charlie Brown and I'm sure Evan made a great one.

    Did you videotape the performance? If so, you could post some to youtube and then link to your blog? It would be so fun to see.

    Just a thought...


  13. Anna:


    I don't think you'll need my advice about your girls...

    But yes, this whole experience has been an eye-opener for the young lad and his dad.

    He's into this big-time now. I'm just trying to keep him grounded about it all.


    I am far too simple-minded and cheap to have actually recorded it, but they did.

    I've ordered a DVD from them, however, so I know I'll have THAT in addition to the 40 or so pix I took.

    Posting it to YouTube would be a new experience, however. You'll have to help me with that.

    Thoughts are always welcome. As are hugs.


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