The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

August 28, 2010


Well, for some reason I as usual would have to be Einstein to explain, I can't put any more pix on here. Being one who apparently can't see the forest for the trees anyway, I should confess I no longer do much Farcebooking.

I can't stand the shallowness of it, to be honest. But knock yourselves out. I have just decided that humans are far more complex creatures than that. Of course the advertisers on there want you to be as stupid as possible.

I realize that at heart, we want all to do what the next person is doing. For a while, it was blogging. Now it's Farcebooking. Who knows what it will be several months from now?

That's what all the marketing weenies are trying to figure out now. Where we go, the advertisers follow. And where the advertisers are, that's where companies want to be, delirious with the thought of our money.

The Force be with you.

August 24, 2010

Pepee Le Pew

Despite how funny or ridiculous or mussed up I look, I actually got engaged recently to the most beautiful girl in the universe, and I promised her that I would publish no pictures of her on my blog.

But I didn't say anything about her ring! I promise not to say anything about her two gorgeous sisters, or the husband of one of them who took us out to meet and commiserate with all their cows.

And all their calves and mosquitoes.

And Hobbes The Wonder Cat who loved me and other animals and creatures and things.

Now on to run of the mill things, like getting engaged.

Aye, aye aye aye, I am The Frito Bandito!
I drove my fiance crazy with that song. But Hobbes loved it.

I apologize for almost all the pix being out of focus. Apparently taking pix is far from one of my strengths. Doh!

Try the focus, Doofus!

My hand and her hand...
HER's ALWAYS about the FEMALE!

Now that we're in the car, it's only PARTIALLY about her...

Here, it's MORE about me...but it's STILL about her...

AAHHH!!! How will I ever stand it????!!!!!

August 12, 2010


Why, you wonder, is he showing us a map of the Canadian province in which he lives? Well, to show those 2.1 humans in the world still blogging roughly where I am in case you wanted to visit me or fart in my general direction, which is the theme of the next blog I do.
No, this a blog of utter human importance. It is about darts from beginning to end as the book of the same name (above) suggests. And it is the first revelation in the world that this is is how Donnnnnnnnnnn with one million n's spent much of our child-rearing days.
Playing darts and drinking beer and saying, "One hundred and Forty!" Like the guy on darts on TSN, when instead it took us about a whole game's duration to actually do that. Or take a shot...or go to the bathroom. Or something.

I do not know this woman above. But she has darts in her hand. So she matters. Sort of.

Darts can be dangerous. Thus the pic above. This could happen to you if you suddenly step in front of while I'm simultaneously swigging beer, belching, farting, leering at Racqel Welch on a 50-inch TV screen, or something.

Here is one of my dart heroes. I think he's from Wales. No wait, he is a whale. But he sure can throw darts and drink beer.

This guy can also throw dahts. Thrilling.

These above are a good example of dahts.

And this above and below are examples, strangely enough, of dart boards. Remember, you must wear a silly shirt and say, in a funny accent 140! if you want to join the World DahtsFederation.


August 10, 2010

Arbitrary Idiotness

This is my younger brother Gerry. No, wait, that's an ass!

THIS is actually my younger brother, Gerry, below. Note he isn't just giving me ONE finger. He's giving me TWO! And I'm the oldest?? This is what thanks and respect I get?

It's OK. I made him goalie all the time when I played street hockey as a kid with Clod Lambert and Andy Adolphe. He loved it and went on to take too much rubber on his head.

This is just a picture of what, I don't know. Go crazy with your own guesses and I'll award you all -- all three of you -- with a prize.

Here's a pic of me many years ago getting beaten at a game of Fish by a six-year-old Ridley, Donnnnnn and Alice's son. Poor Alice. Poor Ridley.

Here's Donnnnnnnnn and me many years ago canoeing at Wallace Lake. No doubt Alice was asking herself, What am I getting myself into? I still don't know.


What an idiot!

Believe it or not, these pix were made by him. Poor Ally!

August 7, 2010


This is one of my fave songs ever...if this doesn't import, it's Reflections by Marmalade. You can find it yourself on YouTube! Good listening!!

August 6, 2010

A Beauty

There is a beautiful female in my life.

I'd like to post pix of her but I think I'd better not. This whole circumstance has me blown away. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met in my life and for us, now is the perfect time and the right time.

Yes, I met her on Facebook, but we have spent some time together and she is more beautiful than I imagined. AND I should stop making fun of Facebook. But I've GOT to make fun of SOMETHING! I will soon meet her cat Hobbes, who is a male, and as his name suggests, he will play second fiddle to me.

Actually, his name DOESN'T suggest that. His name suggests he is a butler or something. I say!

I will be the dominant male.


But that will get me nothing!

Because as we ALL KNOW, the female always gets what she wants!

August 5, 2010

Farce Book

The "F'' used to stand for something else, as in "Fuck off and die." Now it stands for something we all know and hate: Farcebook.

I personally lament this development. For one, it begins the process of our de-evolution into amoeba. Secondly, it heralds the start of our move back to the herd mentality I and sharks and lions and killers and OTHER predators thought we had evolved away from. Not so.

No, we all herd without a clue towards Farce Book. Unwary of what lies in wait just behind the bush.

Woe is me.

Here I am, still blogging like it's nobody's business -- Hey wait. It IS nobody's business. About three people on the planet still blog. They have all gone over to Farcebook. Well, excuuuuuse me. I can act like a tyrannosarus Rex or a Brontosaurus too.

Oh. They're extinct.