The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 4, 2010

Joshua & Matthew

My Daughter Monica saying a while ago when I took her & my goofy son Evan out for lunch or supper, "enough already!"
At the same restarant.
My son Ev and daughter Monica looking stupid. Who doesn't when they get their pic taken?
Now I'm joining in the act. God help us!
Apair of my sweats. Or should I say, "pajamas." Eh, wot?

Me & my 2 kids. They came to visit me a lot, in hospital.
Here's them & me from several years ago. This is the pic I had of them & me all those months.
Here's just a pic of me & my mom.
Here's a pic of Evan & his GF, Katrina.
Here's one of my nephews, Josh, with his figure-skating medals from a recent meet.
Here's Josh with his dad, my brother, Gerry, and his brother Matthew, all of whom with Gerry's wife Kim came to visit me this week and other things. It is them that are from Kenora,Ontario, about a three-hour drive from here.

Josh and Matthew are particularly special because they don't live here.