The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 1, 2010

Chinese Gibberish

I don't get it. You'd think Google was making enough money to stop garbage emails from the most populous country on Earth Earth -- China -- to not invade the email services of us bloggers.

The three of us that actually remain -- we've been Farcebooked. Farcebook 'em, Dano! And we have been!

But every overnight, I still get garbage comments, written in Chinese, coming into my email box. I delete all of them, of course. But they are like a colony of ants. They keep coming, non-stop.

The frustrating thing is, for every one I destroy, another one takes its place. Why is Google allowing this? It might put a dent in their profits. Woe is me. Cry me a river.

Are they going to banish me over there to solve this problem? Or are they going to be big boys and actually solve this problem themselves instead of shutting down blogs they don't like?