The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

October 31, 2006

Mother Nature's PMS

OK, don't get your pantyhose all tied up in knots.
The pictures you are about to see are the equivalent of Mother Nature suffering through (or should that be US suffering through) a bit of PMS, northern North America style.
That's right, just the calm before the real storm, the predictable sign that winter is just around the corner on the northern Prairie, the cranky but inevitable approach of bad, cold weather on the horizon.
No offence intended, ladies, but I can't help but make the analogy. It's the onset of the Winterpeg Wonderland, that long, frigid time of the year when we must go without the necessities of life and just try to survive.
But this is just a sign that it's coming. This is nothing compared with what's yet to come.
This happened Monday over a span of about 12 hours. I took the first two pix Monday night after work and the last three Tuesday morning.
But my plans to do this post late Monday night were bamboozled by Blogger's decision to make uploading photos impossible. Until tonight, Tuesday. So here they are.
This will be no big deal to other Canadians tuning in.
This much snow in late October is a bit early, coming on the day before Halloween, and it will stay here and it will get much colder through December to March until it starts to warm again.
But I wanted visitors from Australia, South Africa, India, Malaysia, South America, the southern U.S. and bloggers in Europe to have a gander, just to get a taste of the first vestiges of a Canadian winter.
So here it is...

Between 15-20 cms. of snow fell. Depending where you live, is this a shocking revelation to you? Or is this what you'd expect from a place in the middle of Canada, the land of hockey and ice?

What's your weather like and have you ever tasted snow on the tip of your tongue or got your tongue stuck frozen on a metal object while you were a kid out playing in -30 C temperatures?