The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

October 31, 2006

Mother Nature's PMS

OK, don't get your pantyhose all tied up in knots.
The pictures you are about to see are the equivalent of Mother Nature suffering through (or should that be US suffering through) a bit of PMS, northern North America style.
That's right, just the calm before the real storm, the predictable sign that winter is just around the corner on the northern Prairie, the cranky but inevitable approach of bad, cold weather on the horizon.
No offence intended, ladies, but I can't help but make the analogy. It's the onset of the Winterpeg Wonderland, that long, frigid time of the year when we must go without the necessities of life and just try to survive.
But this is just a sign that it's coming. This is nothing compared with what's yet to come.
This happened Monday over a span of about 12 hours. I took the first two pix Monday night after work and the last three Tuesday morning.
But my plans to do this post late Monday night were bamboozled by Blogger's decision to make uploading photos impossible. Until tonight, Tuesday. So here they are.
This will be no big deal to other Canadians tuning in.
This much snow in late October is a bit early, coming on the day before Halloween, and it will stay here and it will get much colder through December to March until it starts to warm again.
But I wanted visitors from Australia, South Africa, India, Malaysia, South America, the southern U.S. and bloggers in Europe to have a gander, just to get a taste of the first vestiges of a Canadian winter.
So here it is...

Between 15-20 cms. of snow fell. Depending where you live, is this a shocking revelation to you? Or is this what you'd expect from a place in the middle of Canada, the land of hockey and ice?

What's your weather like and have you ever tasted snow on the tip of your tongue or got your tongue stuck frozen on a metal object while you were a kid out playing in -30 C temperatures?


  1. I can't even imagine tasting snow where the temperature never comes down below 4 deg Celsius. The higher side is 48 deg C.

  2. You need to go and take a few shots of the PILES of snow in the shopping centres..I think that people would get a kick out of that.

  3. You can call it the

  4. In the Phoenix area we're looking at mostly sunny skies with daytime highs in the low to mid 80s. My husband even left me the convertible since he knows I have errands to run today. He didn't have to do that!

    Oh, and I'm glad I'm not the only one having problems uploading photos to Blogger. I've had trouble on and off for the last few days, and again this morning as I try to post my Halloween photos. But Blogger keeps giving me the computer equivalent of a blank stare.

    I hope you don't mind, but I added you to my blogroll. You're funny!

  5. Anonymous10:54 a.m.

    No brass monkeys in your neck of the woods, I'm guessing.

  6. Canadian winter -- bah! Speak for yourself! We hardly even get snow any more. (This is me ducking from a fast-flung snowball.) And just so we're clear, from woman to man, PMS *is* the real storm.

    My work here is done.

  7. My step brother froze his tongue to the back of the fridge... remember the old ones that had the dry ice on the back....

    Stace and i, spent last oct, nov, dec and start of jan in europe, we got snow in venice, do you now how cold it has to be to snow at SEA LEVEL!!!!!

    Generaly melbourne christmas is 35 yet we still try and eat a roast dinner anyway, every body sweats to death, decides it is a silly idea gets drunk and fights... ahh the true meaning of xmas.

    Currently it is raining, not a bad day to be at work:)

    kyknoord: the term Brass monkey, has to do with a cannon ball storage device named a brass monkey, as it got cold the metal contracted, and the balls would fall off the tray.. hence it is cold enough to freeze the balls of a brass monkey.. not testicularly chalenged primates:)

  8. Lived in Canada for a few months once - but managed to miss winter-yay! Those photos are pretty much what I would expect - was so lucky to avoid it! It makes feel cold just looking at it - does it get a bit depressing? It would have to, surely? I know if we get too many sunny days with no rain it can be a bit depressing -your body just wants the chnage somehow.

    The weather here is ..gorgeous.Sunny today, clear blue sky.
    In winter it's still sunny and around 20C in the day. Can't complain ;).

  9. just thought of something else - knickers in a twist is always a good one.

  10. Today, somewhere in America, we are wearing shorts and tank top and have the airconditioning on.

  11. Gautami:

    I guess it's all about what we're used to, huh? The high here today was -3, and that was a nice day.

    I don't know how I could bear 48 C. I just don't know. We have snow and bitter cold, but no hurricanes and few tornadoes.

    Go figure.


    Good idea on the HillMALLYahz. You're the only person in North America who pronounces it that way, I'm sure.

    Ms. Val:

    If I had a convertible rolled down in this weather, my head would freeze within minutes and fall off.

    Don't need it anyway.

    Blogger's a bugger, I figure. Don't know what the problem is at times, but it's frustrating...

    I link, you link, we all link, skiddamarinkeedinkeedink. Of course I don't mind.

    I'll get around to doing the same, just taking a bit of a break from writing at the moment...


    You're right on that score, although squirrels and hardy species of sparrow somehow survive.

    And we males actually are able to keep our jewels warm enough through it all to function effectively.


    OK, just another West Coast Wussie chiming in from beyond the Rockies. You've got to admire our heart, if not laugh at our stupidity.

    Yeah, you better watch out for that snowball. I've got strong arms and pinpoint accuracy.

    Gotcha on the PMS.


    Ar Ar, your stepbrother...does he still have a tongue and can he still therefore speak?

    Glad you got a bit of taste of winter, but a sprinkling of snow in Venice would be nothing compared to Canada.

    Christmas and 35 C: so that's why you guys fight so much...

    And I like the male primates definition for brass monkeys as outlined by Kyknoord.

    We do sometimes use it in Canada but it's more just as simple as, "I froze my balls off."


    Where in Canada did you spend some time? You haven't lived until you've experienced -35, maybe -52 with windchill.

    Winter here isn't initially depressing, in fact there's some excitement about it because it's so worth talking about, but in the depths of February, people can get something called cabin just lingers on and on and on and you can't wait for spring to arrive.

    Suicide rates go up and all that. It can get a bit depressing, yeah.

    I don't get the reference to knickers in a twist, tho...


    You're such a tease...

  12. pantyhose all tied up in knots/knickers in a twist - I think it might be a variation on the saying..or maybe not...?

  13. oh, just read back -vancouver.

  14. It was bright, sunny, and warm today with a high of about 9 deg. C. I have yet to see a single snowflake fall this year here in marvellous Montreal.

    A cousin was just visiting from Winnipeg last week. I told him I would consider moving to Winnipeg. Now I'm thinking that I'd be wiser to try to survive a winter out there before I pack all my belongings and head to your "Winterpeg".

    I have tasted many snowflakes. I absolutely love snowflakes and have a mild obsession with them. I think I got my tongue stuck on a frozen pole more than once - apparently I enjoyed the experience.

  15. It was 18 degrees here yesterday... brrrr.

    No snow as of yet and now it's warming up a bit.

    I do expect snow for our neighbors to the north, but not this early....

  16. Pam, 20 is room temperature in Canada..I still have my weather map in Farenheit because Metric has no soul!
    Whateverpeg sits at the bottom of an ancient glacial RUT as well as in the centre of a huge hole in the space/time continuum. That is why we have temperatures that range 100 degrees..from 35 above in the summer to 35 below in the winter.
    We are the lab rats of the human race.

  17. aww, geez, ww. it'll be coming my way in a month or so. i'll be complaining about it most of the time, but then i will walk into the off season desolate park with my good friend stella (woof)and see white glissening (sp?) high up on the tops of the pine trees, and i will stop complaining. but just temporarily.

    i think it's cruel that i have been forced to see these pictures. mostly. :)

  18. those photographs are truly beautiful... i have never even seen snow!
    right now our weather is rainy and hot as hell! typical south african summer...

  19. ww, i want to reach you by email and can't find a way to do that. can you help?


  20. Lee:

    Knickers in a Twist...duh! Exactly the same thing, I guess. Gotcha. Good one.

    And you've been to Vancouver. Andrea and MJ, two very good blogging friends, are out there.



    It seemed like about -10 with a stiff cold breeze today, as I was working outside for part of the morning.

    Winnipeg is a beautiful place, really. In fact, the harsh winters almost make me love it more because the warm, sultry summers are such a contrast and spring is like a prayer answered.

    I've seen some ugly weather in Montreal too, though, and I think you get more snow than we do.

    I think our winters last longer than yours, that's about could you enjoy getting your tongue frozen to a metal pole?


    Oh, let me warm you up, you poor thing! 18, you must be freezing! Where's here, exactly? Seattle? San Fran? Oregon?


    Glistening. I'm glad I could show you your future. My email address is



    Want me to mail you some snow? You've gotta try it. It's a hoot.

  21. We had our first frost last night. There was still a small triangle of it visible on the gym roof when I got up.

    We hardly ever get heavy snow these days. We'd be cut off for days full of sledging and soup when we were kids.

    Make a snow angel for me. Please x

  22. also:knickers in a knot is more common than twist - I like to say twist because it has more of a ...twist.

  23. Angel:

    DOUBLE DUH!!! My response to "Andrea" in the last string was meant for you. Here it is again:


    Want me to mail you some snow? You should try it. It's a hoot.


    I just re-read my question in response to your comment about tongues on poles...any sexual connotation was completely innocent and only coincidental.


    Frost is cold food for the soul.

    Snow angel: OK, I can do that. Will you warm me when I come in from the cold? ;0)

  24. Well that's a shame.

  25. Anna:

    Naughty, naughty girl...but I guess it's kinda like that sweat thing about up close and personal...



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