The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 24, 2010


This guy is even MORE of a prick than he appears. He is Conrad Black. He singlehandedly destroyed the Canadian newspaper business. People might have left newspapers anyway with the advent of the Internet.

But they undoubtedly have left quicker in my mind because of his mightier than thou, nose up, I'm better than you attitude and style that he and his henchman, a rat with the last name of Radler, employed on the Canadian public years ago.

He begged and got the queen to make him a knight. So he is Sir Conrad, the same as King Arthur is Sir Arthur. What an embarrassment to the planet.

He closed down newspapers in many markets. He put many people out of work (not me). He got caught later for money laundering or fraud or something and was jailed in the U.S. After causing so many people their jobs. Their lives.

He is and was the worst ass. He's the kind of person who hid behind his money and power. He is like the worst example of humanity you could imagine. He is worse than the worst bug you could imagine. I can't believe he is getting out of jail.

I can't believe he is a Canadian. I can't believe he is a human been. I HOPE he is not allowed back in Canada, the country he once renounced so he could be lorded by Her Idiotness The Queen.