The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 23, 2008

Slogging through Spring


I missed the summer-like temperatures here last weekend when I was out of town in neighbouring Saskatchewan, where it was cool and blustery.

But I heard stories about young women out in bikini tops sun-bathing (from a young guy I was working with out of town, don't get your pantyhose tied up in knots!), I heard about hints of summer.

So now that I'm back, there's a winter storm watch advisory out there, and they say we're going to get 10-20 cms of snow starting late tonight.

Temps are expected to be 10C degrees below normal for the next few days.

As I listen to Mark Knopfler's latest CD, which I got mailed to me for buying tickets to his concert here this summer (it's very mellow, but nice), I've got to say I haven't felt, really, like spring's arrived yet.

And that's left me with a pout.

It's gotten considerably warmer, virtually all the snow has melted, but there's been a strong, unco-operative, cool wind that's seemed to have negated the effects of the blue skies, warming temps and sunshine.


It's made me feel so up in the air, kind of out of kilter, sort of numb to what should be the most pleasant time of the year...kind of like this deer...

This deer, apparently, had the misfortune of being hit by a fast-moving train in Manitoba and ended up on the top of a hydro power line. What a way to go. Death's Double Whammy, so to speak.

So about all I can do is eye my shorts hanging there in the corner of my bedroom, think about my sandals sitting in the closet, covet the slopitch season starting up, contemplate feeling warm and cozy...

...And exist.

I was going to post about Hillary beating Obama in Penn State and how I don't care...

...Because she lost my respect when in desperation she hit him below the belt for his comments that the U.S. working class is bitter, which is true.

I was going to post about Canada's aboriginals predictably announcing they're going to use the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics as a world-wide stage to air their grievances, but I don't care...

...Because they just want more money.

I was going to post about how proud I am of my son for his sensitive handling of his latest breakup with his latest girlfriend.

I was going to post about how my daughter's long trip to Europe is coming up in only a few days and how I'll miss her...

But instead, I'm just going to listen to Mark. And wait for it to warm up so I can thaw from a long, cold winter.