The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 12, 2007

An Avalanche of Avatar Afficionados


That's because a great majority of my 9.8 regular visitors, I believe originally led by Homo Escapeons, decided that my new avatar (below) made me look like Public Enemy No. 1.

It is only a passport photo, but I opted to use it after using this other one for months on end. I was becoming a bad blogger, not visiting others much, so decided I should look the part.

However, and you all know who you are, witness your own cruelty to me below (for the most part; Laurie and, I believe, Awaiting were the only supporters of my new avatar -- sob!)

Stace said...
Your profile pic looks like a police mugshot.

ziggi said...
Hey WW! Half way through a comment telling you to change your picture (I'm with Stace on this one) because I've seen you looking sexy (but not in the current one)and my pc crashes - it's telling me it has an exception error and now my DLL (WTF?) is in the wrong place! What Have You Done?

ziggi said...Oh is that a question mark? I thought it was your nose.:o)Well done the Canadian Girls for winning whatever it was.Are you going to give us a line up of pictures to choose from then? And like when? Come on, get a move on, lying around and snoozing is not an option when you have avatars to fill.

Homo Escapeons said...
Hey Technoboy,if you're such a hotshot how come you still have your penal colony inmate (#12345666) photo for an avatar?

MJ said...
I would like an avatar of you wearing a dress, please.

Shelley said...
if you're such a hotshot how come you still have your penal colony inmate (#12345666) photo for an avatar?HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Laurie said...
And I’d like to suggest you use your press pass photo as an avatar. (*Runs away to hide and wait for the inevitable onslaught of comments about your current photo*)

Aidan said...
At least the press card doesnt look like the police mug shot you have been using on your blog... Else they would have let you in the door:)

lee said...
Haha. I had the same thought as aidan - at least that photo doesn't make you look like a criminal. That is always a bonus. Especially when you want to be let in somewhere :).

Now of course I could simply ignore these mostly vile comments. And I might simply return to my former avatar.
But over the next several days, I'm going to post a variety of new avatar possibilities.
I invite everyone and anyone to offer their opinions on the pix I post, or to suggest other options. HE has already emailed several candidates to me, which I will also post.
This will be a thorough process and will take some time. All options will be considered and public input will be part of that process, but in the end I will choose the winning submission.
Pictoral submissions are welcomed at
Thank you for your attention.
The Question Mark.