The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 12, 2007

An Avalanche of Avatar Afficionados


That's because a great majority of my 9.8 regular visitors, I believe originally led by Homo Escapeons, decided that my new avatar (below) made me look like Public Enemy No. 1.

It is only a passport photo, but I opted to use it after using this other one for months on end. I was becoming a bad blogger, not visiting others much, so decided I should look the part.

However, and you all know who you are, witness your own cruelty to me below (for the most part; Laurie and, I believe, Awaiting were the only supporters of my new avatar -- sob!)

Stace said...
Your profile pic looks like a police mugshot.

ziggi said...
Hey WW! Half way through a comment telling you to change your picture (I'm with Stace on this one) because I've seen you looking sexy (but not in the current one)and my pc crashes - it's telling me it has an exception error and now my DLL (WTF?) is in the wrong place! What Have You Done?

ziggi said...Oh is that a question mark? I thought it was your nose.:o)Well done the Canadian Girls for winning whatever it was.Are you going to give us a line up of pictures to choose from then? And like when? Come on, get a move on, lying around and snoozing is not an option when you have avatars to fill.

Homo Escapeons said...
Hey Technoboy,if you're such a hotshot how come you still have your penal colony inmate (#12345666) photo for an avatar?

MJ said...
I would like an avatar of you wearing a dress, please.

Shelley said...
if you're such a hotshot how come you still have your penal colony inmate (#12345666) photo for an avatar?HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Laurie said...
And I’d like to suggest you use your press pass photo as an avatar. (*Runs away to hide and wait for the inevitable onslaught of comments about your current photo*)

Aidan said...
At least the press card doesnt look like the police mug shot you have been using on your blog... Else they would have let you in the door:)

lee said...
Haha. I had the same thought as aidan - at least that photo doesn't make you look like a criminal. That is always a bonus. Especially when you want to be let in somewhere :).

Now of course I could simply ignore these mostly vile comments. And I might simply return to my former avatar.
But over the next several days, I'm going to post a variety of new avatar possibilities.
I invite everyone and anyone to offer their opinions on the pix I post, or to suggest other options. HE has already emailed several candidates to me, which I will also post.
This will be a thorough process and will take some time. All options will be considered and public input will be part of that process, but in the end I will choose the winning submission.
Pictoral submissions are welcomed at
Thank you for your attention.
The Question Mark.


  1. HA behold Mr Charisma Bypass.!

    Your MUGSHOT photo is hilarious.

    You look as if your Doctor just told you some BAD News:
    you need to have a brain transplant and they need to operate immediately

    the GOOD News;
    luckily they found a 97 year old donor who was a perfect match in a Bulgarian Asylum..

    The CATCH..
    unfortunately they would have to perform the entire operation through your butt!

    Don't believe me..go back and look.

  2. HE, If I were you, I’d think twice about making fun of anyone else’s avatar. Just sayin’...

    (*Like I have any room to talk*)

  3. Personally, I think we should be providing you the alternatives, not YOU. This will all become clear very soon... (And since I'm apparently blue fish bones I can't poke fun at anyone's avatar...)

  4. ? That blogger formerly known as Within Without...

  5. I join the minority and have to be brave enough to say that I like the passport photo (some women fall for bad guys, LOL)
    I'm looking forward to the (s)election.

  6. Probably wrong for me to throw my hat in the ring since I don't 'ave an avatar.
    But I'll see what I can find...

  7. Well I must admit I did a double take when I saw your previous avatar. I can't wait for the choices!

  8. I could use an avatar.

    If you're not using that mugshot pic anymore, can that be MY avatar?

  9. Oh, and I would like Homely Escapee to join in with me on this little ditty...

    Frank zappa and the Mothers
    Were at the best place around
    But some stupid with a flare gun
    Burned the place to the ground
    Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

  10. LOL, you do look a little pensive, but I quite like the new photo ... it has an edge to it. It's your blog ...

  11. HE:

    I'm still searching those Bulgarian asylums...and did I tell you that your avatar will be replaced by the least popular of all the candidates that I reject?


    You tell him, girl!


    Your submissions have been received and duly noted, with thanks, and they will be considered with care.

    However, do you think I could ever give all of YOU types entire control over such a critical matter?


    I need to search for that old Moody Blues song now...or maybe it should fittingly be a song by Prince...


    Thanks, but it appears that unless I change my avatar, I'll be voted off the Island of Blog...


    MJ doesn't have an avatar either and she's already suggested I wear a dress and now is proposing I become Alfred E. Newman...

    Let 'er rip...


    Who was that guy you were raving about recently, you and Keshi? Maybe I'll just become him...


    That would be a case of stolen identity...I'll send you another one at some point...

    You and Homer can go crazy with Smoke on the Water, but it'll be gone soon...


    Thanks, Bibi, but have to keep the throngs satisfied...(ha!)

  12. I rather think the Question Mark is an improvement! It lends to you an air of mystery and intrigue which is otherwise lacking.

  13. smo o o o ke on the wa a ater
    f f f fire in the sky

    the volume on these little laptops doesn't go very loud does it?

    goes off to find Made in Japan - had it once . . .

  14. ** penal colony inmate (#12345666)

    LOL hahahahaha!


  15. I don't see what the problem is with that picture. I think you look pretty hot. Then again, I think you look pretty hot in all your pictures.

    I'll see what I can come up with as far as suggestions go.

  16. Hmm. I am one of those who prefers the brains than the pictures.

    You can put up Dracula's photo for all I care!!

    It won't make much difference any way..LOL!

  17. Stace:

    HA! Maybe that's the solution! Just be that mysterious and elusive question mark!

    And given my penchant for posting my own pic on my blog, I guess that IS "otherwise lacking."

    In this case, though, I couldn't NOT respond to all the comments about the penal colony...



    I would assume witches probably feel right at home hovering in smoke on the water...


    Another laugher, huh...


    This is all supposed to be a joke!!

    You won't think some of the possibilities I'll be throwing out there are as flattering, but thanks...

  18. Gautami:

    Dracula, eh? GOOD IDEA!!! A male brain, eh? BRILLIANT!!!


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