The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

August 12, 2010


Why, you wonder, is he showing us a map of the Canadian province in which he lives? Well, to show those 2.1 humans in the world still blogging roughly where I am in case you wanted to visit me or fart in my general direction, which is the theme of the next blog I do.
No, this a blog of utter human importance. It is about darts from beginning to end as the book of the same name (above) suggests. And it is the first revelation in the world that this is is how Donnnnnnnnnnn with one million n's spent much of our child-rearing days.
Playing darts and drinking beer and saying, "One hundred and Forty!" Like the guy on darts on TSN, when instead it took us about a whole game's duration to actually do that. Or take a shot...or go to the bathroom. Or something.

I do not know this woman above. But she has darts in her hand. So she matters. Sort of.

Darts can be dangerous. Thus the pic above. This could happen to you if you suddenly step in front of while I'm simultaneously swigging beer, belching, farting, leering at Racqel Welch on a 50-inch TV screen, or something.

Here is one of my dart heroes. I think he's from Wales. No wait, he is a whale. But he sure can throw darts and drink beer.

This guy can also throw dahts. Thrilling.

These above are a good example of dahts.

And this above and below are examples, strangely enough, of dart boards. Remember, you must wear a silly shirt and say, in a funny accent 140! if you want to join the World DahtsFederation.