The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

February 9, 2007

Cars with names like...

But this raises far more than the obvious questions.
My 1996 Ford Contour appears to be nearing the end of its productive life cycle, having apparently succumbed to -45C windchills and other vagaries of a Canadian winter, now in its 11th year.
It still functions. And I'm prepared to spend quite a bit of money to fix it up so I can hand it over to my 18-year-old daughter, who would gladly take a vehicle I think can survive several more years.
But beyond the mechanics of a vehicle, I have to think about my precious identity and ego. Do I want to be an Explorer, he of the great outdoors and associated with all that name suggests, even though most of the time I'm Mr. Urbanite?
Do I want to be In My Ellement, as two of my fellow bloggers have in recent weeks? The car companies want us to believe we are what we drive. That our vehicles give us or at least reflect who we are.
So should I become a Viper or a Mustang or a Ram, or should I just become a Grand Caravan or something practical or boring? Am I a Model T Ford?
Should I just let it all hang out by buying a Hummer and try to be Mr. Macho (or Thomas the Tank Engine) or should I try to be Mr. Sporty Sexy Guy with a new MG convertible (RIGHT!!!!)
Here are some of the latest models and their names, at least on one website, listing vehicles by best names, most lame names and newest, weirdest names...personally, I like The Naked. What's the name of YOUR car?
And do you feel like it's you?