The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 19, 2010


While I try to recover from my son Evan being over here and laughing so hard, living life comes to the fore. My right side is DEFINITELY losing much of its paralysis. I'm sometimes like a bear who has been in winter hibernation.

I feel I can do more now. As if The Boy in the Bubble Syndrome is passing me by. Finally. I can and WILL still stumble and fall. But like a baby that you let walk around when it has just been crawling, it's OK if I fall.

That will just teach me NOT to fall again. It will teach me to walk again. Which it has. It has taught me to want and chase more beautiful things. And I have. And I will. This HASN'T happened to me. It couldn't.

But if it has, I will combine it with the most beautiful blessing that could happen to anyone, period. I will love. Deeply and happily and contentedly. And I will joke. Heartily. But I will also be deadly serious. Seriously.