The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

March 14, 2010

At My Sister's


Actually, this a pic of my oldest sister, Lori, at Cole & Justin's birthday party...16th birthdays if you MUST KNOW!!!

This above is Alec, Lori's sqeeze AKA husband.
This is Shauna and Ken's gorgeous fireplace. Shauna is one of my three sisters. Is it a surprise that I'm sooooooooo insane?

This standing up is Ken, who is gorging himself as Shauna whispers nothings. She takes after my mom, who is also gorging on this or that, with my niece Maia and my dad Don.

This is Shauna. Above. Eating. What else is new? Oh Shauna, relax!! I'm just kidding!

Here above are Lisa's daughter Maia, my Mom and Lisa, one of my three sisters Looks like they're having a barrel of laughs, eh? Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Ha! Ha! MORE Fun!!
Here's Shauna, talking with Darren, Lisa's husband. What? Darren can talk? I'm just kidding.
Shauna and Darren.

Lisa, my middle sister, being a pain.
Lisa STILL being a pain.

Oh! Doh! Here's a pic of Justin and Cole together!
Them again, above and below, with Darren in the background.

My Dad, Maia, my mom.

My mom & Lisa.
My sister Shauna and my brother-in-law Darren, above
Another brother-in-law, Alec, Lori's husband. Lisa, FYI, is married to Darren and Shauna is married to Ken.

A really grainy pic of my oldest sister, Lori.
Here's birthday boys Justin and Cole, or no that's Cole and Justin, who are both celebrating turning Sweet 16.

This is Shauna and one of her cats.

Poor thing! The cat I mean!!