The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

March 8, 2009

I dunno, I know I'm hardly blogging at all, I feel so out of touch, but I wonder if it's more that the world isn't out of touch, out of time, out of space, past some sort of equilibrium that seemed to exist before.

So let's analyse this: Bush was among the most despise of U.S presidents, all the hope and future has been put into Barack Obama's hands...and all he's getting is grief from the Refuckin'publicans and even democrazies and media?

Why aren't people writing about how horrid the Bush years were and what an almost impossible task that Obama inherited, and how he cannot possibly be expected to right all of Bush's wrongs in an instant?

Hey, I'm just like everyone else, washing their clothes on a Sunday so they can be clean for Monday and the week ahead. I'm just trying to pay my bills like everyone else. But how can anyone avoid the world's larger problems?

Hey, I've got a giant zit on my right cheek. Is that more important?

I can't believe how the media has abandoned its need for context and is just jumping on what the politicians want it to say. CNN should be ashamed of itself.

Bush and his phoney bunch of cronies are totally responsible for everything that is happening now, this all happened under their watch, and it might be argued with their approval, if not as a result of their economic policies and bent.

Yet Obama is paying the political price.

I can't believe it.

All of the world's current problems are as a result of globalization, free trade, a world economic order that's totally about making money and f*ck whatever other problems result or are ignored as a result.

Anything that's designed to preserve things the way they were or could be or guaranteed jobs and useful things for people to do is called protectionism, and all that is promoted by the big corps that don't care about anything except bottom line.

It's all about doing away with $17 an hour jobs and replacing them with $2 an hour a jobs a half a world away. It's all about whatever is cheapest is best. Before we all know it, we're all going to be Chinese.

That's not a racist sentiment against China. It's a sentiment that we are not Chinese. Variety is the spice of life. What the super corps have decided is they don't care about that, they value the bottom line more than they value us as North Americans.