The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 26, 2010


See, Donn with two thousand n's secretly loves these posts I do about him, his silly antics, his family and more about his silly antics. Donn picked the hottest, sweatiest day of the year to have me over for a BBQ of hot dogs and hamburgers yesterday.

We kibitzed around as we usually do. Alice, his wife, LOVED IT! Poor Alice. Their son Ridley is slowly developing a sense of humour like us. Poor kid! No, I mean lucky kid! Two Donns with two n's! Alice will likely go insane!

So Donn came to pick me up and drive me to his place To pick up Alice, their son Ridley and Donn's unfortunate mother Carol and his stepdad, Brian. We went to see his oldest daughter, Nicole, dance. Then we went back to his place.

Poor Carol and Brian, below, and behind them, Alice and Ridz. They have Donn to deal with. I was stuck in the front with him.

We finally went to Donn's with two n's.

Donn with two n's and his lovely wife, Alice.

Brian being a guy or something.

Carol being a girl or something.

These are random pictures that I ASSUME were taken by Alice.

Below, this is me trying to take Donn with a whole lot of n's for a ride om his turn-of-the-19th century bike.

The two brainiacs try to figure out how to use the brakes.

Chris and Ridley Rock The Casbah.