The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 4, 2010

India and 1979 and other things

This is a mug I picked up many moons ago in Germany. It is beside one of my speakers and a cool knick knack thing of a couple. On top of the speaker is another thing I picked up in Argentina.
Enough said...But this doesn't have the story you think. One of my sisters is a breast cancer survivor, thus she gave me a coffee cup that is in the form of a breast.

TThis above is mostly stuff I picked up in India and in Iran

Who's that guy who cut his ear off? Well, this a sculpure of him by my son, Evan.

Here's just more knick nacks, part of my life.

This is a mask I bought in Spain, a beautiful place where I covered the 1992 Olympics.

This is a cup of Marvin The Martian, one of my favourite characters ever.

I can't recall the origins of this, but I can't help but think my best friend Donn Coppens is somehow involved.

This is obviously from my kids, Monica and Evan.

This is a painting of a snake charmer from India.

This is a licence plate from India that I picked up on the ground after passing out outside due to too much Indian beer, I seem to recall.

I tried to copy and paste some stuff in here, but it didn't work. It's my new Farcebook way of doing things. Don't actually THINK, just try to be fast and down and dirty and don't really use the brain we were given.

It's the same thing that's happening to newspapers.

It's like they DON'T actually want us to think any more. Because IF we did, we might actually understand how commercial interest and the importance of making the almighty buck have become.