The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 1, 2010


My youngest brother Gerry, who looks quite a bit like me except is taller and uglier, celebrated or otherwise his 47th birthday recently. What follows is mostly a tribute to him.

He is a good hubbie for wife Kim and a great dad
to sons Joshua and Matthew.
Grandpa C. and Josh playing Crib.
Grandpa C. and Matthew.
Gerry, who lives in Northwest Ontario, takes beautiful sunset pix of the area.
A pic, above, of their pups a few years ago. Below, a Northwest Ontario full moon.

Below, a mom and her pups.

Above, a pink night sky; below, two of Gerry's dogs play-fight.

Above, Josh; below, Gerry. I have no idea what the scratch is.

More moms & pups, above; after spraining his ankle, the doofus, Gerry, below.

Gerry tries to play tiddlee-winks or something on that sprained ankle;
Gerry and his back-yard pool, above; Gerry and his foot, below.

Gerry and Kim on the left, my mom and brother-in-law Alec on the right. Ha! Ha!
Gerry, above; one of Gerry's dinosaur shadows, I guess, below.

The old Gerry, above; one of Gerry's sunsets and his kids swimming, below.

Gerry swinging over my dad, below; Gerry and Josh jumping into some lake, below that.

A shadow of Gerry and I belive his two kids, Matthew and Josh.

Gerry, Kim and Josh, a long time ago.
Gerry on the left with my other brother, Doug, whose birthday was Valentines Day.
The kids swim in one of Northwestern Ontario Shield Lakes as the sun sets.

The kids and Dad have fun, above; below, Uncle Chris and Matthew say hi to each other.
Below, Chris tries way too hard at lawn bowling as his dad Don delivers, Josh helps and Uncle Ken waits his turn.

Below, Gerry and brother Doug.

Below, the whole clan -- almost.

The two boys, Josh and Matthew, check out a tree limb in the water.
Below, Gerry wearing a really goofy fishing hat.

Kim, above, and her goofy husband Gerry, below.
Gerry hanging onto my brother-in-law Darren after hurting his wittle-bitty ankle.
Natthew, i think, below.