The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

September 22, 2006


Every morning now, I'm waking up to the honking, almost haunting call of the Canada Geese, one of our greatest symbols of beauty, artistry and grace.

They haven't left yet for southern climes on their annual migration, but they can feel the briskness in the air, see the leaves falling, sense the weather turning, brace for the winter approaching.

Doh! This isn't supposed to be Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.

It's just pondering our own "migrations" and the things we see and experience during our own flights. Have a listen and look at the video "One Hundred Years" by Five for Fighting.

Here in Winterpeg, we don't have the luxury of flying to where it's warm all the time.

We're stuck here through four distinct seasons -- sunny summers of 35 C and brutal winters of six-foot-high snow and -35 C. Gorgeous, warm days and brutally cold ones.

No matter what your climate is like, we're stationary objects, for the most part; we can't migrate physically across the entire length or breadth of a continent every year.

Things change, they stay the same. We "migrate" from one relationship to another, from one situation to the next; over time, we're single then we're married then we might be divorced.

We can be content, then we can be restless and discontented. We can feel positive, then negative, be moving forward or taking steps back, we can feel happy vs. sad. Fulfilled/empty.

What's your migration route been like? A smooth flight, or bumpy? Straight between Point A and B, or all over the map? Full of discovery or devoid of new experiences?

Probably, like me, all of the above. But hey...remember we've got 100 years to get it right.