The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 28, 2008

A massive family get-together

OK, so I love to blog about my family.

And on Saturday, the whole clan got together, except for my brother Doug and his family in Ottawa.

As usual, I took plenty of pictures. Some are here. Some, including most of the rest of my family, are not.

That's because they don't want to have their pix on my blog, as much as I'd like to include them.

So here is what I can include, beginning with my brother Gerry's pic of who he believes the true guy inhabiting Spaceship Orion is.

And here's the real me. Please, no comments about which is more handsome or accurate.
A major incident of the day was when my brother Gerry was bowled over by exhuberant nephews Cole and Justin, and the result. Somehow, it was poetic justice.

I'll come back to that, but the theme of the party was to celebrate Mother's Day, and about 32 birthdays among the grandparents, parents, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts and whomever else.
I spent $36 on cards alone, for which I was soundly chastised by several sisters and sisters-in-law, the cheapies. Here's a collection of most of those cards.

This is Monica, who's leaving Wednesday for Europe on a 2 1/2-month trip I know little about.

This is Joshua, my brother Gerry's son, looking mischievous.

This is my oldest sister Lori's tattoo that she got for her 50th birthday.
The W.G.F. stands for With Georgie Forever, a reference to our grandmother on my mom's side, Georgie, who lived with us for a good time before she died.

I'm pretty sure I got my sister Lori's permission to use this pic of her face. If I didn't, I'm sure she'll scream at me.

Back to Gerry, who decided we should simultaneously take pix of each other taking pix...

He's such an arse...

Like I said, he's such an arse...

His hair is greyer than mine is. He insists he has more of it, though.

And now back to his ankle injury, which he believes is a "bad sprain."

You can tell he's a bit ornery...

But whatever. What is, just is.