The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 28, 2008

A massive family get-together

OK, so I love to blog about my family.

And on Saturday, the whole clan got together, except for my brother Doug and his family in Ottawa.

As usual, I took plenty of pictures. Some are here. Some, including most of the rest of my family, are not.

That's because they don't want to have their pix on my blog, as much as I'd like to include them.

So here is what I can include, beginning with my brother Gerry's pic of who he believes the true guy inhabiting Spaceship Orion is.

And here's the real me. Please, no comments about which is more handsome or accurate.
A major incident of the day was when my brother Gerry was bowled over by exhuberant nephews Cole and Justin, and the result. Somehow, it was poetic justice.

I'll come back to that, but the theme of the party was to celebrate Mother's Day, and about 32 birthdays among the grandparents, parents, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunts and whomever else.
I spent $36 on cards alone, for which I was soundly chastised by several sisters and sisters-in-law, the cheapies. Here's a collection of most of those cards.

This is Monica, who's leaving Wednesday for Europe on a 2 1/2-month trip I know little about.

This is Joshua, my brother Gerry's son, looking mischievous.

This is my oldest sister Lori's tattoo that she got for her 50th birthday.
The W.G.F. stands for With Georgie Forever, a reference to our grandmother on my mom's side, Georgie, who lived with us for a good time before she died.

I'm pretty sure I got my sister Lori's permission to use this pic of her face. If I didn't, I'm sure she'll scream at me.

Back to Gerry, who decided we should simultaneously take pix of each other taking pix...

He's such an arse...

Like I said, he's such an arse...

His hair is greyer than mine is. He insists he has more of it, though.

And now back to his ankle injury, which he believes is a "bad sprain."

You can tell he's a bit ornery...

But whatever. What is, just is.


  1. If I squeeze you, will all your bits bulge out?

  2. A bit of similarity between the real inhabitant of Spaceship Orion and that little plastic number..... ;-)

    And that IS a bad sprain.... been there, done that.... tell Gerry to get to a physiotherapist asap or it will take many months to heal... ouch!

  3. Must be nice to like your family. The less said about mine, the better. There is some resemblance between the supposed inhabitant of Spaceship Orion and what we are told is the real one... that ankle looks pretty nasty, is he limping?

  4. I thought you weren't going to make it to that party. Glad you did. Everyone must have been all over Monica, giving her travel tips and advice.

    Joshua looks a lot like Gerry in that pic - not surprising that he's in his mischievous pose. And Lori's tattoo is lovely.

  5. oh my goodness that ankle looks unbelievably painful!
    i love family gatherings... and yours look about as entertaining as mine usually are!

  6. Clones, I swear you're all clones..... sounds like you had lots of fun, and thats what its all about......

    Having a better day today, lets see what tomorrow brings lol


  7. MJ:

    I don't know. Try squeezing me and we'll find out.


    Yes, there are similarities, aren't there?


    I'm sorry to hear that about your family. I always thought (and still think) I've got the best family in the world.

    But I'm hardly objective.

    I'm sure my brother IS limping.


    Well, I made it to the party because our team lost in four straight in that hockey series.

    People WEREN'T fawning all over my daughter because there were about 17 other birthdays to celebrate and Mother's Day.

    But she got her share of hugs and loot.


    There's never a dull moment!


    Of course we're all clones, and you haven't even seen pix of three of my siblings (two of whom were there) or a lot of the nephews and nieces!

  8. Do you realize that your baby girl is leaving tomorrow? Will you be taking her to the airport? I would cry like a baby if I was seeing my daughter off. I'm not helping, am I?

    Sending great big supportive hugs your way.

  9. Anna:

    Yes, it's today (SOB!) I have to work but will be doing everything I can to get to the airport. Her mom's driving her.

  10. I suppose I am not too late wishing Monica a great journey. I was kind of out of circulation due to no net in my new house. I got it connected yesterday after much pestering!

    I do like to read about your family. However, I got the best one in this world!

    Your looks don't matter to me at all. Infact, my looks don't matter to me either.

    It sure feels good to be back. And I am not going to be this nice in my subsequent visits!

    For now, hugs for you..the cyber kind. Can you hear the crackles??


  11. Yikes! Gautami's thinly veiled threat sounds ominous! Look Out.

    First of all let me assure you that Mon will be fine, my own little travelling Daughter e-mailed me from Naples today and she is having a marvelous time trapsing about Europe..on her way to Greece now la-di-da.

    Secondly, Gerry needs to realise that he is no longer the robust no-holds-barred young Turk that can toss about with the young lions...tsk tsk. That's going to leave a mark.

    I love your sister's Tat and the sentimental homage behind it..very touching as I had met your adorable Grandmother and can appreciate how much she meant to all of you.

    It's funny how you persist on posting about your rellies despite their pleas to cease and and I understand that your audience is of the highest calibre but it is understandable that they would be nervous.

    ..and finally get off of your bony, lazy, ass and come and visit my Blog..I have skewered ol Dubya for ya.

  12. That is incredible all the birthdays happening at once, am doing a little math here.........because I know it's close to my birthday that makes all the fun back in September, but here is the catch:

    September is the first month of spring in Oz, it is a beautiful birds and bees month, it would be? autumn in Canada, perhaps getting a little cooler.

    Nope, I haven't figured out a pattern.

    Maybe there was a power blackout, every September for years?

    The kids bought home a heap of UK backpackers, they are having a wow of a time (thinking of your daughter), were here 4 days, saw the farm and the National Parks and your girl doing Oz?

    The kids are good how they watch each others backs. These kids are just beautiful young people. What fun she will have.

    The ankle does looks nasty...

  13. Gautami:

    Glad you got internet back in your new abode, but you say you won't be so nice next time.

    Shall I expect an assassination attempt, perhaps?

    By now, my daughter should be in Paris. The last I knew for sure she and her travel companion had arrived in London.

    I tried to get her to go to Delhi, but she's sticking to Europe, going as far east as Greece only.

    I can hear the crackles. I thought it was just hair growing out of my ears, but apparently not.


    I'm glad you told me my daughter will be fine. Can you send me a warranty on that?

    I'm also glad you in effect gave my brother the lecture he needed. He blathers bluster, but is apparently mortal.

    OK, I will stop posting about my extended family. I've only been posting pix of those from whom I have gained permission.

    But forget the insiders...I agree for outsiders, it might be a bit tedious.

    To be honest, as some others would know, I've not been getting to many blogs, which is so wrong...

    Will try to get to your place soon...


    Well, I have five brothers and sisters, who have spawned about a dozen nieces and nephews. That's around 17, then include my parents and my own kids...

    That results in a lot of birthdays, etc., and we haven't been together since Christmas, so it all gets wrapped into one BIG THING...

    I'd say your theory about spring and the birds and the bees is probably accurate.

    My daughter is not doing Oz, but I sure hope to one day. Is there a Yellow Brick Road?


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