The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

October 16, 2006

A (single) Man's Work is Never Done


Yet when I got home to my apartment, these monstrous challenges were still awaiting me as we march inexplorably into the harsh winter that is still to come...

(Yes, this is part of my continuing and exceptionally boring series on the trials and tribulations of male domesticity)

This is my front closet. You can plainly see the basketball and football and the super-cheap promotional so-called Coors Light cooler on the left.

What you can't likely make out are the three softballs, the air conditioner cover, the bug spray, the foot odour canister and various other things that must be put away for winter plus about 300 coats I never wear)

I took a picture of the 18.5 pairs of shoes I have sitting there in disarray beneath the picture you see now, but I somehow deleted it and can't get it back. So use your imagination. This is one of my pre-winter chores.

However, there are many other tasks to tackle...

At the moment, I need to clean up the sink (this is only from Sunday night, I promise), force-feed my son the Reese Puffs he begged on his life that I absolutely must buy, and get my vacuum cleaner "Hepa Filter" replaced...among other things.

(You may also have noticed, if I again hadn't inadverntely deleted it after waiting three days for Blogger to actually upload the pic of that vacuum cleaner in front of my utility room, that I also need to take out my recycling).

Also on my to-do list are to get the three gorgeous prints I bought from Andrea framed (I laid them out on my un-vacuumed rug to photograph them, my apologies, Andrea) and to get my son to clean up his room.

How could he ever have become such a messy person?