The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

October 16, 2006

A (single) Man's Work is Never Done


Yet when I got home to my apartment, these monstrous challenges were still awaiting me as we march inexplorably into the harsh winter that is still to come...

(Yes, this is part of my continuing and exceptionally boring series on the trials and tribulations of male domesticity)

This is my front closet. You can plainly see the basketball and football and the super-cheap promotional so-called Coors Light cooler on the left.

What you can't likely make out are the three softballs, the air conditioner cover, the bug spray, the foot odour canister and various other things that must be put away for winter plus about 300 coats I never wear)

I took a picture of the 18.5 pairs of shoes I have sitting there in disarray beneath the picture you see now, but I somehow deleted it and can't get it back. So use your imagination. This is one of my pre-winter chores.

However, there are many other tasks to tackle...

At the moment, I need to clean up the sink (this is only from Sunday night, I promise), force-feed my son the Reese Puffs he begged on his life that I absolutely must buy, and get my vacuum cleaner "Hepa Filter" replaced...among other things.

(You may also have noticed, if I again hadn't inadverntely deleted it after waiting three days for Blogger to actually upload the pic of that vacuum cleaner in front of my utility room, that I also need to take out my recycling).

Also on my to-do list are to get the three gorgeous prints I bought from Andrea framed (I laid them out on my un-vacuumed rug to photograph them, my apologies, Andrea) and to get my son to clean up his room.

How could he ever have become such a messy person?


  1. Im such a clean-freak so if I ever visit ya, I'd clean ur house in just 1hr. And u better keep it that way till Im gone. ;-)


  2. Quit teasin' me like that, Keshi girl...don't think I'd be lettin' you be gone fer long...

    OK, back to my regularly scheduled reality.

    I'm actually very clean and a regular Queer Guy with the Straight Eye or whatever.

    This was a pigment of my exaggeration. If I had my own house at the moment, you'd be amazed.

  3. Fascinating!
    You are a Straight guy with a Straight Eye ya big goof! You wear corduroy jackets and shorts to work. The Queer Eye guys would have a field day tossing your stylish wardrobe.
    I will give you have an eclectic collection of real artwork..I saw Andrea's fabulous pieces and I know that they will be
    prominently displayed.

    btw. I can't wait until you finish your 'cleaning the bathroom' post, please don't leave me hanging like this....ooh aah.

  4. Habadashery Eccentricon:

    I have to get up the courage to clean the ring around the stagnant water in my toilet bowl before the bathroom post is done.

    Straight guy with the straight eye is right, and doan yu fergit it!

    I'd scare those Queer Guise straight with my wardrobe and accessories, I figure.

    I do wear corduroy jackets and shorts to work, but not at the same time, especially in winter.

    Let's be accurate.

  5. I love these posts -- I must be a real Nosy Parker. I want to see the corduroy jacket and shorts get-up, but only if you promise to wear gumboots (if they exist among your 18.5 pairs of shoes).

    PS Those are *originals* not prints.



  6. Your male domesticity really brings back memories of my old apartment... back in the days when I lived alone in a studio apartment, and nobody who visted cared what it looked like... ahhh it was a wonderful pigsty. I washed dishes perhaps every week or so, I washed my clothes at least once a fortnight, and I washed my house once before I moved out!

  7. I don't know how you deal with a single-bowl sink in the kitchen. I had that two apartments ago and HATED it!

    You know, it doesn't look so bad. I'm pretty sure you can handle all of that in just a few hours.

  8. Andrea:

    Yes, you are a Nosey Parker. But I'm an idiot!

    You can tell my complete lack of cultural awareness and artsy fartsyness by calling your works "prints."

    Of course I know they're originals, one-and-onlys, but I used the incorrect word "prints."

    Argh. A thousand lashes, I deserve. I am truly sorry.

    Now, as far as your request (or was that a demand) for me to model my corduroy jacket/shorts ensemble (which HE has invented, btw), I think not.

    Especially when you insist upon me hauling out my gumboots. Even I am not that unfashionable.

    The gumboots go with my checkered suit in my other closet, which I have not yet revealed to the world.


    Does Aidan know about this? Or will be the domestic in the family?


    One sink solution is as simple as 1-2-3: everything just goes in the dishwasher. EVERYTHING.

    All those things were cleaned up in about 5 minutes, except for the closet. It IS just a closet.

  9. That is actually probably not too bad for a man's wardrobe! What are you worried about! I must say that that seems to be a decent looking kitchen.That seems an awful lot of shoes for a man..though over there you probably need extra ones for cold weather and all. I proably haven't even got 18 pairs of shoes! ;).

  10. Lee:

    No, that closet was just my coats. I wouldn't want to take a pic of my real wardrobe.

    The shoes collection is not as bad as it appears or as I made it out to be. My rollerblades are in there, my sandals and about three or four pairs of shoes for different weather, as you surmised.

    And I don't believe you don't have at least 18 pairs of shoes...

  11. Now you've got 3 whole Pratt originals. I was only coveting Brian's 2 earlier this evening.

    I want. I want.

  12. O.K. - so you were right -just went and counted and there are 26 of them, including 2 pairs of slippers and the ones on my feet at the moment. Wait a minute, make that 27 - just remembered that there is an old pair in the laundry for mowing the lawn in ;).

  13. hehe great to hear that then ;-)


  14. keshi,just for a bit of fun how many pairs have you got? :).

  15. Cherry Pie:

    Have you checked out Andrea's Etsy site? That's where I picked out mine for a really great deal!

    I'll have to check out Brian's, though...


    Tsk Tsk Tsk...

    54 items to cover your 2 feet with...

    Do you have 54 pairs of gloves? 54 bras? 54 pairs of glasses? 54 pairs of earmuffs or earrings?

    I'd say this is worth a separate post on its very own, don't you?

    And I played a Leo Sayer video earlier in the week just for you, but I don't think you saw it...

  16. Yeah, Keshi, how many pairs? I think this has the sounds of a shoe meme, don't you and Lee?

    Ar Ar Ar

  17. Lee and WW, I have about...mmm...let me count...over 30 pairs to be precise. uh oh is that bad?


  18. 18 and a half pair of shoes.... is the half one shoe or made of 2 quarters of other shoes.
    We are male we are meant to be gross, if your too neat peple start asking questions.

  19. I must be demented - you got me wondering - just went and counted - 19 bras-haha.But only actually use around 6 of them. No - not all at once.


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