The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 23, 2009

My Son & Other Things

My son Evan was recently Charlie Brown inhis school's production & Igot to see it with my brother-in-law Darren's help & the help of their son Cole & daughter Maia and wife (my sister) Lisa plus my kids, Monica & Evan, visited. Here are some shots:
Here's Evan's GF Katrina:
Here's my sister Shauna, who's married to Ken (ot shown). They have two other kids (Rebecca, 24, & Andrew,22,) plus Justin (picured).

Above are Darren, Lisa, my mom & Maia.
Here are some of Ev's friends.
Here's one of my kids when they were small.
Here's me getting my ass burned off at Homo Escapeon's.
Here's me beating HE at floor hockey.
Here's me stealing from HE.
Here's me being as masculine as can be.

Oh here's my youngest sister Shauna.

Here's Lori's hubby Alec & daughter Rebekah.

My Mom...
My youngest brother Gerry
Above, Darren; below, my sister Lisa.

Above, my nephew Justin; below, my niece Rebekah & oldest sister Lori.

Above, my sister-in-law Kim; below, my brother-in-law Alec and son Ben...

Above, my brother Gerry's tongue & below, one of his & wife Kim's 2 sons

Here's Joshua, above;Justin;
My Mom
Youngest sister Shauna & nephew Matthew;
Me & MyKids
Merry Christmas To All
And to All A Good Night.

My Dad, son Evan, daughter Monica, me below.

To All A Good Xmas

December 7, 2009


I can only laugh at him. But I DON'T think I'd be alive without him -- or able to howl at life or hold people as closely as I do without him to show me the way. Happy Birthday, Mr. Coppens!

December 1, 2009


I have forgotten some people.

People like Gareth and Ron and Amy and Jamie and Dr. Engel and the entire nursing staff at Deer Lodge Hospital in Winnipeg plus my friends and relatives who came to visit and those who didn't or couldn't.

Thank You and your Signicant Others.

They aren't Significant for No Reason.
I have forgotten some people.

From Stroke to Shining Stroke

I am back, sort of.

I sm living in my Mom's long-time apartment building, still feeling the effects of the stroke that struck the right side of my body. I of course would like to thank you and my entire family but also Donn & so many others.

You know who are.

I would like to thank the Academy...