The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 1, 2009


I have forgotten some people.

People like Gareth and Ron and Amy and Jamie and Dr. Engel and the entire nursing staff at Deer Lodge Hospital in Winnipeg plus my friends and relatives who came to visit and those who didn't or couldn't.

Thank You and your Signicant Others.

They aren't Significant for No Reason.


  1. You have a lot of people who care about you.
    Let's try to get your Facebook going tomorrow..Okay?

  2. Wheeeeee!!!

    Excuse me.

    Still excited about your big comeback.

  3. By all means, get your FaceBook up and running again! woohooooo, he's Baaaaaaaack!

  4. Many thanks to all the great people who've taken very good care of you, WW!

    It's a testament to your great character that so many people came to see you and care for you. Welcome back, WW!

  5. We never forgot you WW!!

  6. It certainly is a testmaent to the person you are.

    So great to see you posting again!

  7. Victory ! You're mister incredible ! You have conquered so much ! And now you are blogging again. I send you many smiles from the heart !

  8. Anonymous7:35 p.m.

    Hey Chris-- glad to see you're back in the saddle...


  9. Sure miss you at work, pal. Your progress has been amazing. Hope to see you for a visit soon.

  10. There are times in our lives where we choose to run away or stand tall. Perhaps one day I will be as brave as you and find my way home.

    Until then I will watch in happiness as you take each new step and with it a new beginning. I know I say it often, but do you KNOW you are a beautiful man?

    Most of us never see the beauty in life, feel the happiness in having friends, or the love we get from our families. It is often taken for granted. You have made me look deeper and in doing so see things I forgot were right in front of me.

    It is I who should be thanking you.

    Soft love,

  11. CarmenZta1:33 p.m.

    WW so glad to see you are back! Sending you all my love and good vibes.

  12. (((((((((Chris))))))))))) know you are loved........


  13. take it slowly.
    forgotten some, it's okay.
    can build new memories. ;)

  14. Chris,

    I'm just a casual blog surfer, not particularly memorable in any way. I learned you were one of the good ones from your writing, and from the reactions and concern of your friends. I'm glad you're back. I'm glad you have such good friends. You wouldn't if you didn't deserve them, which you obviously do.

  15. Chris---it's wonderful to see you posting again!!! Big hugs hon!


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