The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

September 25, 2006




Andrea latched on to some fridge meme or something or other and told us about it, baring her kitchen germ magnet for all to see (of course, it was spotless, but appearances aren't everything).

Then Cherry Pie followed...and there was booze galore in her fine, clean appliance. This was becoming a female fridge frenzy, and it needed some male intervention.

So here I am.

Keep in mind I am single and have two teenage kids who visit at least every second weekend but who show up more often than that.

And that Homo Escapeons visits once a week and makes more of a mess than the two of them and me combined. Plus, I live in an apartment...this ugly thing is what I'm stuck with.

So I open my home -- and my fridge door -- to the world, with chest-pounding male pride.

Note above that I even opened up the -- yech -- vegetable and fruit drawers. I'm not sure what's in there, but you don't want a closeup view. Here, for your inspection and likely gasps, is another...

And just for good measure and in the interests of honesty, I give you these following closeups.

On the left (and I moved something over to reveal this in the interests of disclosure) is a stain that some woman would have spotted anyway, underneath the Pepsi carton.

On the right, well, now that IS truly gross. You probably can't make it out very well but it's dried something-or-other hanging from the little wire thingies on the shelf. My guess is dried milk but I can't exactly be sure. Any theories?

A woman with a great sense of humor (who loved my domestic hygiene and supportiveness but gave me the heave-ho anyway, silly girl) offered me as a birthday gift the book below.

It is now my bible but doesn't say a whole heck of a lot about cleaning fridges and stoves. And that's for my next stove and, more specifically, my oven. I kinda like this meme thing, except now I have to go clean my fridge.