The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 23, 2009

My Son & Other Things

My son Evan was recently Charlie Brown inhis school's production & Igot to see it with my brother-in-law Darren's help & the help of their son Cole & daughter Maia and wife (my sister) Lisa plus my kids, Monica & Evan, visited. Here are some shots:
Here's Evan's GF Katrina:
Here's my sister Shauna, who's married to Ken (ot shown). They have two other kids (Rebecca, 24, & Andrew,22,) plus Justin (picured).

Above are Darren, Lisa, my mom & Maia.
Here are some of Ev's friends.
Here's one of my kids when they were small.
Here's me getting my ass burned off at Homo Escapeon's.
Here's me beating HE at floor hockey.
Here's me stealing from HE.
Here's me being as masculine as can be.

Oh here's my youngest sister Shauna.

Here's Lori's hubby Alec & daughter Rebekah.

My Mom...
My youngest brother Gerry
Above, Darren; below, my sister Lisa.

Above, my nephew Justin; below, my niece Rebekah & oldest sister Lori.

Above, my sister-in-law Kim; below, my brother-in-law Alec and son Ben...

Above, my brother Gerry's tongue & below, one of his & wife Kim's 2 sons

Here's Joshua, above;Justin;
My Mom
Youngest sister Shauna & nephew Matthew;
Me & MyKids
Merry Christmas To All
And to All A Good Night.

My Dad, son Evan, daughter Monica, me below.

To All A Good Xmas


  1. Wow, I guess they won't be "your kids" much longer, they grow up so fast! You must be awfully proud of them :) Kids are just incredible, no? I'm constantly astonished by them - mine and other people's... the things they learn, and how quickly it all happens, and how soon they think they don't need their parents... although I still need my mum and I'm 26 ;)

  2. Anonymous8:09 p.m.


    It was great seeing Evan's show and we were glad to bring you. Listen, brat ...Can you take off that picture of me in the green shirt ... I look like ... I'm at a loss for words. Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas.

    Love Lisa

  3. Anonymous11:22 p.m.

    Happy Christmas to you, Chris.If you can manage to pop over to my place I have a small gift for you. If the journey's too difficult, get that chap from down the road to come with you.

  4. Merry Christmas to you WW!! Its great to still have you with us!!

  5. WW, I just want to say how glad I am to know that you're still here. It has been a very rollercoaster year for me, full of extreme highs and lows. But having you still with us is one of the best things to have happened this year.

    Your family looks amazing--they truly luv you and each other. Your kids are great, and I'm sure they're so thankful (as are we) to still have your with us. You're a great person, WW, and I'm glad to have met you on the bloggersphere.

    You're an inspiration, and you are much luved and appreciated.

    Happy Holidays,


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, WW, and Best wishes to You and Your Luved Ones!

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your kids and your wonderful family!


  7. We're all so glad that you're home for the holidays.

    Merry Christmas, Chris!

    Or should I say Merry CHRISmas?

    A big hug from MJ.

  8. Merry Christmas to you, too, Chris.

  9. merry christmas, chris.
    warm wishes from sunny singapore!

  10. Merry Christmas Chris. I am betting you and your family are having a wonderful holiday and you all deserve it. I wish the best for coming year for us all.

    Be well my beautiful man,
    soft love,

  11. Anonymous1:11 p.m.

    great pictures...where's your shots of me?!!!


  12. Nice photos, and so nice to see you out and about. Happy holidays and a wonderful new year to you.

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  14. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones... and happy new year too! I've read and heard much about 2009 being a less than stellar year for so many. I'm hoping 2010 will be much better for everyone... especially you.

    Hugs and kisses to you.

  15. Anonymous5:57 a.m.

    Happy New Year Chris. Keep on going, and I am sure you will make even more progress with things this year.


  16. Sir, but I think you neglected to show us Your second cousins.


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