The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

November 2, 2006

I'm Now "Colouring Outside the Lines"


And they're MINE, ALL MINE, buuhuuuhawhawhawhawheeheehee!!!
They're original works by none other than Vancouver blogger/artist/fine human being Andrea Pratt, from Colouring Outside the Lines.
And I am now in the privileged company of fellow bloggers Cherrypie (UK), Brian the Mennonite (Canada) and Kyknoord (South Africa) as proud owners of Andrea's work.
There may be other bloggers I know who have scooped up some of her works, but these I know for sure have Andrea Art in their homes.
Here's my beauts, and I apologize again for the off-centre pix:

Andrea is one of the most eloquent bloggers on the Web and clearly one of the most talented. I bought these from the Etsy site for a mere pittance.

I won't go into the costs of framing (!!! :) but it's worth it.

I also want to mention that while she isn't making a big deal of it herself, she's nominated in the artistic category for a 2006 Canadian Blogger Award so I'd urge you all to vote for her.

But check out her blog (find her on my favourites list on the right) and have a look at some of her artistry which explodes in colour and sensations that are unbelievable...

Then make up your own mind.

I wonder what it must be like for Andrea or any other artist to know their creativity graces the walls of people around the planet for an entire lifetime -- and just how that must feel.

Thanks, Andrea.


  1. I have been visiting Andrea since I saw her at artist Andrea Edward's site long ago. I am very impressed with her work. She also seems very nice and gentle over at KJ's. I have been secretly admiring her. I could not bring myself to leave a comment on her site I have no courage - what do you tell a master?

  2. Ces:

    For someone who can barely draw a stickman, I'm in awe of her work and of your work as well.

    Andrea is very approachable, funny, witty, articulate and down-to-earth.

    Don't be a stranger. Go over and say hi. Aside from the obvious interest and talents in art, I think you two would have a lot in common.


  3. hey, ww, add me to this list of lucky folks who have an original andrea in her home. plus i am soliciting andrea to be my next door neighbor. i am trying to bribe her.


  4. She is all of those nice things that you said about her.
    I hear that she is also very tall so I can safely say that she is oustanding!.

  5. Those are all beautiful pieces. I'm torn between the first and third one for my favourite. And the framing is very tasteful.

    I can't speak for Andrea, but I can say that I had an odd feeling the first time I sold my pieces. I felt sadness for having to part with them, but so flattered that someone would want them on their walls to look at everyday. I still think about each and every piece and wonder what people see when they look at them on those walls... and what they're thinking.

  6. Scores points simply for spelling the word colour the "right" way :).

  7. Please - if anyone reads this -help! I've lost the toolbars from the top and bottom of ther screen and it's driving me barmy - how do I get them to come back?? help help!

  8. KJ:

    Well then, sorry to exclude you in my ignorance. What will your bribe be? Those West Coasters are hard to move...


    Yes, I understand she is quite tall.

    I wonder if that helps her paint better? I guess she could paint higher works and not have to use extensions when she rolls.


    Hell's bells, how did I NOT know you were also an artist? Is everyone except me artistically inclined?

    Thanks for the insight into how it feels to know a work of yours is sitting on someone's wall...


    One of my many talents...

  9. Lee:

    What do you mean, you've lost something from your blog or from your pc or Mac?

    Not that I'm a computer whiz, but...

    Assuming it's your PC, shift your mouse over the top and bottom of your screen, they might appear.

    Otherwise, go to Start and then to control panel or preferences and then display, check that out.

    I'm running away now.

  10. They look great, WW. I especially like the first one. I love her house ones.

    Mine arrived the other day and I can't wait to get them framed and hung.

    I'm completely without creative talent too. It's rubbish, isn't it?

    Ces - Andrea is terrific and really warm and likeable, despite being tall and blonde. I'd hate her if I didn't adore her so much.

  11. Lovely art.

    Also, I love the Michael Mcdonald song that's currently playing on your site.

    And does that girl in the video have big hair or what?? Wowza...

  12. Cherrypie:

    Thanks, I like the house one the best too, I like all of Andrea's house ones.

    We may not be artistic but things balance out. Still, just to see what some people can create...


    Well glad you saw/heard the vid, cause I'm spinning another one up there soon, not sure what...

  13. got the computer sorted, pain in the bum it is...

  14. Lee:

    Glad to hear it. Have a good weekend.

  15. Oh my god. I could kiss you (but my lips aren't that long). I've been struggling with a pain-in-the-arse painting for days (definitely doing this one for money, not love) between long nights meeting #1 son's teachers (used to be a pleasure but he's 14 now...) and meeting at #2 son's school to plan for the upcoming trip to Quebec and haven't been keeping up with my blog reading so just happened upon this now. You are a prince -- but we all know that. I love how you've framed the drawings. They look super! And the cost -- I know. That's why I've decided to start doing these pieces in sizes that perfectly fit tasteful but inexpensive Ikea frames. There's something wrong when the framing cost more than the art, don'tcha think?

    Thank you thank you thank you. And a big hug.

  16. Andrea:

    Glad you saw it, I figured you must be busy or still lamenting your recent loss. No matter.

    So your lips aren't long enough but your arms are? Well we all know women only kiss on the cheek now anyway, as indisputably certified by a worldwide informal poll on a recent post of mine.

    I'll survive.

    Of course it's up to you, but I WOULD love to read what you have to say about how your creations become part of peoples' lives, their fabric, their enjoyment, etc., and how that makes you as the artist feel.

    Just a thought.

    Smiles and hugs.

  17. I would write about it if I had anything worthwhile to say, but I don't. Some artists have trouble giving up their 'babies' but not me. I'd rather see them enjoyed by others if others truly enjoy them -- and I have enough digital reminders to keep me plenty happy. What I really want to do is make enough money so that I, too, can start collecting art.

  18. I'm definitely no art expert, but I really like the top one - kind of an Edward Gorey feel and perversely whimsical.

    If I'm forced to defect to Canada, I'll make my way to her gallery.

  19. Fronty:

    Or, you could just make your way to Winnipeg, where simply the perverse -- HE and I -- reside.

    Although I should warn you that the North Dakota missile silos could sniff you out in a sec.

  20. She is good! I have been to her site. I am one ofthose lurkers who admires her work and retreats.

  21. Gautami:

    Why not comment? Every individual's thoughts are soup for the soul...

  22. oh, i love andrea's work, i hope to own one one day too! i love the middle one!

  23. Angel:

    Andrea's work is undoubtedly fantastic and you're familiar with it then.

    Let me also direct you to Ces, whose comments are on this post and who can be found on my favourites...

  24. ... the top piece is one of my faves... love her black and white art.


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