The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

July 1, 2010

Chinese Gibberish

I don't get it. You'd think Google was making enough money to stop garbage emails from the most populous country on Earth Earth -- China -- to not invade the email services of us bloggers.

The three of us that actually remain -- we've been Farcebooked. Farcebook 'em, Dano! And we have been!

But every overnight, I still get garbage comments, written in Chinese, coming into my email box. I delete all of them, of course. But they are like a colony of ants. They keep coming, non-stop.

The frustrating thing is, for every one I destroy, another one takes its place. Why is Google allowing this? It might put a dent in their profits. Woe is me. Cry me a river.

Are they going to banish me over there to solve this problem? Or are they going to be big boys and actually solve this problem themselves instead of shutting down blogs they don't like?


  1. instead of comment moderation, try word verification, sugar! it's worked for me and many others. xoxoxo

  2. Thanks, girl! They really are like ants or termites invading and getting in your pants or otherwise!

  3. I've also had to go to my blog settings and enable Word Verification for the comments.

    I had that Word Verification up when I first started blogging, but I took it down after a short while. I didn't have a lot of blog readers then when I first started blogging. The odd spam comment would be posted over the years, but I'd delete them.

    Then suddenly, three months ago, I started getting multiple spam comments, mostly with Asian characters, on my blog. I got tired of erasing them manually, so I just put up Word Verification again. And it worked. It totally cut down the number of spam comments by 99%!!! The 1% that gets through is because I allow anonymous comments on my blog.

    Just go to Settings and under Comments, look for the Word Verification setting and click to turn it on. It'll help cut down on your spam, because the automatic spambots can't type out the Word Verification codes, and they'll never reach your email or show up on your comment box.

    I've noticed that once your blog gets popular (start getting lots of traffic, readers, visitors), the spambots start posting their crap on your blog, hoping to capitalize on your popularity.

  4. Savannah, Eroswings: Thanks. I was trying to avoid the word verification step to make life easier on visitors to my blog.

    But I guess that won't work. I have instituted word verification, unfortunately. What a regressive step!

    As if there aren't enough dis-incentves to blogging!

  5. My experience was identical to eroswings. I'm wondering how long it will take them to find me at my new URL?

  6. Andrea: Now that I've made this public, probably not long. But good luck with it and with your new blog and new site.


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