The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

August 10, 2010

Arbitrary Idiotness

This is my younger brother Gerry. No, wait, that's an ass!

THIS is actually my younger brother, Gerry, below. Note he isn't just giving me ONE finger. He's giving me TWO! And I'm the oldest?? This is what thanks and respect I get?

It's OK. I made him goalie all the time when I played street hockey as a kid with Clod Lambert and Andy Adolphe. He loved it and went on to take too much rubber on his head.

This is just a picture of what, I don't know. Go crazy with your own guesses and I'll award you all -- all three of you -- with a prize.

Here's a pic of me many years ago getting beaten at a game of Fish by a six-year-old Ridley, Donnnnnn and Alice's son. Poor Alice. Poor Ridley.

Here's Donnnnnnnnn and me many years ago canoeing at Wallace Lake. No doubt Alice was asking herself, What am I getting myself into? I still don't know.


What an idiot!

Believe it or not, these pix were made by him. Poor Ally!

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  1. Lonely out here now that everybody is on Facebook..innit?


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