The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

December 1, 2008

A month's penance

In no particular order, but in a very melancholy, feeling sort of way...

I've surrendered myself to the inescapable fact that if you're a guy, your life is all about women.

And well it should be.

There is nothing like a woman, if you're a man with any intelligence and knowing.

In the month I have not blogged, my life has been all about myself, but that means it's been all about women, in one way or another.

And you could say it's been that on a world-wide level too.

Hillary Clinton, just today, being named Barack Obama's secretary of state. Right now I'm listening to Red Light Special, a very special sexy song sung by women.

Most people who actually come to this blog ARE women. Whatever. I've stopped trying to figure out why. I'm OK with it.

But two of the most beautiful women in my blog world, whom I've more or less neglected in the past month while I've been away, follow. I've never met either of them in person. But I know how gorgeous they are.

Anna lives and loves in Montreal, Canada. She is among the most beautiful, passionate, women I have had the misfortune never to have met in person, although don't think I haven't wanted to.

After several attempts at trying to have one child, she and her husband had twins just a little while ago. I encourage you to visit her site at

She and I have connected in important ways before. She is aware, she is beautiful, she is "unforgettable," the incredible song I'm listening to as I write this by Nat King Cole and his daughter...

If she was single and I was single, I'd be all over her...

And then there's Stace, the intellectual, talented and writing beauty from Australia, who also happens to be pregnant as I tell you this from her massively endowed (intellectually or otherwise) husband and lover Aidan (JUST KIDDING AIDAN!!!)

Stace, an absolute beauty, has been my friend for quite some time, a true jewel.

But during my absence, she totally endeared herself to me for all time by sending me some authentic vegemite. The song I'm listening to now is Diamond Girl by Seals and Crofts...

This is Stace, the lovely girl, and who she is -- living proof of what a beautiful female is...

I have included some shots to show her shipment, but a fellow Winnipegger who also loves Stace and Aidan and who has expressed way too much interest in trying the vegemite in a sandwich is whining, so I'll wait to try it til then.

Basically, I'm BLOWN AWAY by the fact Stace actually spent the money to send me this vegemite. I feel humbled, I feel honoured, and I will have the blogger known my a million names (I think most recently Common Tater) over to sample it first with me.

There are so many other bloggers in my life who have commented in my absence -- the lovely Laurie, from Montana, who I carry on with pretty regularly; Angel, from South Africa; the incredible MJ, from Vancouver, along with West Coast beauty Andrea.

Others from overseas such as Ziggi, whose broom I'd ride anytime, and Toasty, who I'd line up against in a second in a rugby came and would tackle inappropriately...Eros Swings, you're an amazing guy, let's go out for beers sometime, I'd drink you under the table...

You are SUCH special people, this is an amazing venue for exchanging ideas...

On a semi-personal note, I've had to try to keep my son's want of women in perspective, although who knows...

She's a gorgeous little thing, his newest girlfriend...what a smile....

But here's me totally looking stupid posing for self-taken pix listening to the MP3 player my two kids got me for my 53rd (shock and awe!) birthday...

Life is was it is. I have missed you. You're beautiful.


  1. What a sweetheart you are. But I always knew it. And, to put things in perspective, my life is all about men. Not sure if it's because of a technicality or because I like 'em better, for the most part, but there you go. Glad you're back.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Good to have you back!

    How we've missed those shots up the nose.

  4. Just when I thought my hormones had stabilized you go and make me cry. :) Your words touch me - as they always have. Forgive me for this sappy moment, but you need to know that you are just as beautiful and special to me. You are definitely among one of the "thousand beautiful things" in my life.

    Just one correction: You need to throw in a "yet"... "never to have met yet". We WILL meet - it's just a matter of time. I'll probably be judged for this next statement, but I'm pretty sure I'd welcome you all over me if we lived in the same city - regardless of my marital status.

    Now please don't go another month without posting. I missed you way too much.

  5. Andrea:

    Thanks. I'm sure it's because of the technicality that you like 'em better. :-)


    As are you.


    The shots up the nose will be coming. I'll get Donn and I to pose for a double whammy!

    In fact, maybe we'll stick some vegemite up there!


    Doh! Gak! Sorry about the hormonal level jump...not intended, believe me...

    And, well, let's keep things in perspective about everything else, shall we? :-)

  6. Awwwww Chris, I'm all blushing and stuff now :) I'm touched. I'm just sorry it took me so long to get around to sending the Vegemite. Now I just hope it doesn't kill you... It's hard enough to find truly wonderful people in this world, I'd hate to be responsible for the removal of one!!

  7. Stace:

    You're all blushing? WHERE'S AIDAN! Better go find him, quick!!!

    Don't worry about the vegemite killing me...if it kills ME, it's going to kill Donn too.

    I'll take pix. And he and I are going to brainstorm about what truly Canadian item I can send to you in return.

    This bright yellow vegemite tube is a keeper, it's going on my fireplace mantle or on top of my entertainment unit or something after it's all gone...

    I hope you're feeling OK, sweetie, with all the beautiful things going on and growing inside in your body.

    And you know I wish (and we all do) you and Aidan all the best.

  8. I'm so glad they brought out Vegemite in tubes... it used to be just in glass jars (which you can still buy), but a soft plastic tube seemed safer to send through the post!

    I'm feeling just fine. Although I'm starving right now, because for some reason I couldn't bring myself to eat breakfast this morning. I haven't been sick, but sometimes I feel like I don't want to eat. I think I've actually lost weight since becoming pregnant; it's amazing just how much it can take out of you, producing this tiny little person!

  9. Stace:

    Hey, this is almost like email or Facebook!!! And weren't the Tubes from Oz? Coppens and I used to listen to them all the time!

    Well, you're just plain lovely. Make sure that your young lad, who's half responsible for all this, treats you like a queen.

    I'll get to your blog eventually and litter it with comments. I love the living, moving fetus you've got goin' on there...

  10. The Tubes? Man, you're old :) But I believe they were American.

  11. Stace:

    "Man, you're old. :-)"

    That's one of the things I so love about you...(BOO HOO HOO HOOOOOOO!)

    Just for that, I'm findin' a video and I'm going to play it in YOUR honour!

  12. Old and mean... haha
    It's ok though... being old isn't bad. It means experience, wisdom, and more than a little acquired insanity. :)

  13. Stace:

    I agree with the acquired insanity part...OK, now dutifully go and watch the vid I've put up just for you...

  14. If I were one in a million, wouldn't that mean there are about 6,600 of me in the world? :) But thanks for the thought. hehe

  15. Stace:

    Details, details.

    You need to take it as a figure of speech and realize that we're all just little droplets of rain.

    When someone spots you in the downpour, the torrent of water that's falling on the planet at any one time, and says you're special, you need to just take that thought and cherish it.

    And I know you do.


  16. Anyway, I have to actually do some work at work today! We'll have to continue our little "chat" later :) take care!

  17. Stace:

    What? You actually work?

    I'm glad that you do. And I'm glad that you work.


  18. So long as there is work to be done... and I'm not tired or sick or bored... I do it :)

  19. I really enjoyed your mea culpa (latin for my bad) for not blogging for a month..goober.

    When you wear your heart on your sleeve like this it makes it a lot easier for me to admit (even in public) that you're my besty.
    You Sir are one big mushball...
    and that's why I luvs ya.

    *quickly regains composure and cranks up the machismo to '11'

    Hey numbnuts, don't f*cking eat all the f*cking Vegemite before I f*cking get there!

    ..oh and btw the Tubes are from LA.

  20. It is great to have you back! I'll have a drink to celebrate your return! Truly, you are a fortunate one with so many great friends!

    The pictures are awesome! That yellow tube of vegemite looks interesting. I can't wait to read the reviews!

  21. Stace:

    That's the sacrifice you have to make...

    Donn Quixote (er, Coppens):

    I know what mea culpa means, you imbecile. And I did not admit to such for my blogless month.

    You need to let your inner female surface, that's all this is about.

    Women know how to express their emotions. Men don't. It's that simple, nerd boy.

    After today (that is, Wednesday, Dec. 3), I doubt your machismo is at Level 11.

    It's maybe at Level II. Maybe you'll tell your readers about it.

    Or maybe I will!

    And the vegemite tube is unopened and awaiting your arrival, upon which our consumption of it shall be duly recorded, noted and blogged about.


    Thanks for "eroswinging" by, me man.

    Have that drink and several more, although I ain't promising a dang thing (how'd you like my Texas accent?)

    The reviews will be uttered and recorded not in a Texas twang but in an Aussie ardour, if that's the proper word.

  22. *returns looking for fun guy (fungi?) pics*

    Are you still rambling on about laydeez things?

  23. so, what you're saying is I have to send you a food parcel to really feel the lurve!

    I'd smooch you anyday, good job there's an ocean between us!

  24. Did anyone ever tell you was a sweetheart you truely are.....

    And sod that vegimite rubbish, trust me with your address and I will send you a little jar of nectar, namely MARMITE :)

    you have been so missed, I hope I kept the place tidy whilst you've been off galavanting.....

    welcome back..


  25. was = what....... I think I had a mini stroke whilst typing lol


  26. MJ:

    Well, if your Faustian hero makes it over here tonight, Fungi pix will proliferate along with oratory on a few interesting matters.


    Why does your name now contain two capital I's? Or are they L's?

    An ocean is nothing, oh beautifully bewitched one. You can feel the lurve any time, for free!

    (Goes back to reading his book of fairy tales) :-)


    Geez, that moving chicken's starting to make me sea-sick! I wish I knew that dance step.

    OK, I'll email you my address! Then we can have a true War of the Worlds! Vegemite vs. Marmite!

    (I love seeing women wrestle).

    Oh, and I have not been what I would call galavanting. I would more describe it as gesticulating.

    Or galvanizing. Or any other word beginning with the letter G. Dream one up!

    Yes, the place is fairly clean, thank you. But I don't remember seeing any sexy maids in here while I was gone.


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