The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

March 27, 2010

Another chance to plug Vegas

My sister Lisa and her family are going to Vegas. This means I can take out the jigger my daughter gave me. I do not gamble. In fact, I'm pretty boring.
I don't think you can see them, but above are Mrs. Homo Escapeons and her unfortunate (no, he's Fortunate!) child by him,,,in fact, he is very fortunate.
This is my mom, who will turn 80 this month and is extremely fortunate, because she had me.
Here are yet more of my fortunate family members.
Here is my brother-in-law Darren wind-surfing on Lake Winnipeg, barely 45 minutea north of where I live.
This is one of my nephews, Cole. He has the cottage at Lake Winnipeg. Or said properly, Lisa and Darren have it.
This is D. carrying part of his gear to the lake...
Above and below, these are pix of the two kids AT Lake Winnipeg...

Another of our clan, Matthew, below, somewhere in I assume the Lake Of The Woods region two hours east of Winnipeg.

Just for laughs...


  1. Who knew you had sunshine and lakes to windsurf in Canada? I thought Canada was one giant frozen tundra! Of course, the Olympics changed my mind, once I saw that they didn't get enough snow for some of the events.

    Happy Birthday to your Mom! Cheers and Best wishes for many more years of good fortune, good health, and great times with the family!

  2. Of course we have sunshine and warmth here, ErosWing! It's obviously not as warm as Texas, but one of our hot days would rival one of your hot days any time, I'd think!

    It can get to above 100 degrees here with lots of sun on one of our best days.


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