The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 10, 2010

Yet More Stuff (also titled, is it Grey or Gray?)

Well, here it is again...MY BALCONY!!!!!! Above & Below are pictures of my two lounging chairs, which I might actually use if it ever warmed up more than say -3,000 C, which for you dense Americans stands for Celsius or Centigrade.
actually decide so they stuck us with both, which I know someone is going to correct me on. I walked outside today and it was grey, wet and about -300 degrees Celcius --or whatever. It was cold!

Here is the pool. You can see how well used it is today.

Here is the obviously well used barbecue machinery from a few apartments below.

Here are three sad plants from over winter. DOH!!
Here is the dull-looking greyness from beyond.

Or should that be, FROM the Great Beyond?

Oops! This shot is just upside down.


  1. Anonymous10:07 p.m.

    The pic might be upside down, but at least you've got the pictures in focus now!!

  2. lis: as long as I get SOMETHING right!

  3. Those are some hardy plants to survive winter! Perhaps if Canada switched over to using Fahrenheit, it'd be much warmer.

    Here's to hoping the weather gets warm enough soon to start firing up them grills and putting that pool to good use. This week has been very hot and humid in these parts. I all ready miss the winter chill.

  4. ErosWings: They didn't survive the winter. Someone brought them out to get them used to the cold nights, I'm guessing. The weather will get warm enough. It always does.

  5. Bring the plants back in...apparently Summer is over already...dammit!

  6. Donn with one million or so n's: Yep, dammit!

  7. ErosWings: Maybe you were thinking of coming up here to lobby our prime minister, Stephen Harper? He's about as dopey as George Bush.

    I've seen 10-galloon cowboy hats that are smarter than him.


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