The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 11, 2010

Yet more Useless Stuff

Well, as usual, this is notworking properly. I took and then downloaded a whole bunch of new pix to my new computer with the brand new Window 7, but I can't download those new pictures into my blog.

It is extremely frustrating. Wasn't computing supposed to make your life easier rather than more difficult? Oh, but then what would all those employed techs do for a job? Just like auto and TV repair people.

So the person above is my son Evan, when he was a young kid and had barely a care in the world.

The couple above is an emu couple at a wild safari zoo. The most colourful and vibrant specimen, of course, is the colourful one on the left. He is a male. The one on the ground, doing little, is the female. Note her dullness.

What males won't do...

Take, for example, the silly photo shop job from above. This is a compilation, I belive of Donn and Andrea Pratt.

This above is part of my family having fun.

This above is a real live xray of my friend Donn's brain.

And this, of course. is me.


  1. Google removed my blog AND disabled my Gmail account.

    Probably someone flagged it as offensive...I don't know.

    Just letting you know so you don't wonder what happened to me.

  2. MJ:

    That REALLY is TOO BAD. They are shooting themselves in the head or esewhere it would or might be fatal. As I write this, there is an ambulance siren sounding.

    There is even a warning before going to your blog. So much for people's freedom of choice. We're all a bunch of dunderheads, I guess. Can you appeal this to the higher-up weenies?
    Or are they going to whimp out too? They're just driving another nail into their own coffin. What a bunch of dunderheads.


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