The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

June 25, 2010

Look at this Photograph

That's my son, Evan, Left foreground with the backwards baseball hat, on a cold day around Winnipeg a few years ago when we drove out with some of his friends to a paintball competition which I did NOT win.
The crucial thing? Neither did he.
He graduated from Grade 12 today. Unfortunately, he forgot to tell me until yesterday. A chip off the old block! Fortunately his sister, who is at least halfway sane and who is WAY more organized than either of us, drove him over here.
For some reason, all the pix that were taken, I can't find on this computer. My kids and I pretended to be The Avengers Spy Group or Hymie the robot or something like that.
Here are the only pix I could find.

Above is a long ago pic of me and my kids.

Here is a pic of me and my kids after I have had the stroke this year.

This above is Evan holding a pet chicken.

This above is Ev obviously at a young age.

This above is Evan and me a few years ago when he and some of his friends went out for some paintball.


  1. congratulations, sugar! all the best to all y'all. xoxoxo

  2. Thanks Girl! My son had his graduation last night. Hopefully he isn't suffering TOO MUCH this morning...

    Hope all's well in the DEEP SOUTH...

  3. Congratulations, Evan!

    Life is just beginning for you! It's going to be an exciting ride. Whatever happens, live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment you get with your friends and loved ones, and keep moving forward on your journey. Life is what you make of it, so make the best of it!

  4. Evan: Just slow down for a second and listen.

  5. I can't believe how much Evan has changed. Look at his face! He is losing his boy-ish looks and starting to look more and more like a man. They grow up so quickly.

    And, by the way, you look FANTASTIC! I love the recent pics of you!


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