The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 27, 2009

Synchronicity of Stupidity

SUBTITLED: The Ongoing Sibling Rivalry of the Dim-witted Digital Camera Doofuses

OK, I know I've written about him before.

But with our most recent family birthday bash on the weekend, I need to revisit and to put into context my relationship with my brother, Gerry, and how we fit into the complex, multi-faceted environment within our nuclear family.


For those novices to this blog, and I know there are millions that tune in each day, I'm the oldest in a family of six, my brother Gerry is the youngest.

Despite our age difference, which is about nine years, we are very similar. That is to say, we're both complete dolts.

We probably look more alike than the one other brother and three sisters between us, although he's about 3-4 inches taller than me, a fact I've complained to my mom about for years, to no avail.

I think I've posted before about how Gerry used to come out and play street hockey with us and how we used to play hockey in our basement, how he loved coming out with me on my insect-collecting expeditions.

Well, wouldn't you know it, here we are both old farts, and we're a lot alike.

We both like to tease our sisters and our mom incessantly, we like to kibitz with all the nephews and nieces during these family gatherings...basically, we both seem to need to try to get a rise out of them.

And as fate would have it, it's mostly Gerry and I who bring our digital cameras to all these events and take billions and billions of pictures.

So we're often both doing the same thing at the same time: teasing people and then taking their pictures, but also getting on each other's cases at the same time as we realize the absolute absurdity of it all.

So what follows is a pictorial collage of some of the pix we've taken of each other over the past few years in our little game of photographic one-upmanship that one of my sisters on Sunday called a Photo-Off.

Appropriate little photo cutlines are offered by me as appropriate.

Here, I cut off the part where his brain would be...if he had one.

OK, here my Sony malfunctioned and I accidentally took a nice pic of him.

This is him after he did some goofy thing to his ankle while trying to pretend he was 22 again and show off to the young nephews. More on this later.

Here's one of my famous female bum shots of one of the aunts. I won't say which one, but she's married to Gerry and her name is Kim. She basically provided almost all the food on Saturday and it was delectable.

This is one of Gerry's pix of my balding head. He seems to enjoy taking these kinds of pix, as you will see later.

This is one of Gerry's best shots of me.

Another super shot by Gerry.

OK, in the one above I really AM trying to look totally stupid. It worked. Oh, I guess the one below too.

Below, I'm telling Gerry how much I value him as a brother. That's my mom to my right. She's responsible for all this.

And she has previously given me permission to post her pix on my blog, although none of my sisters have.

The real Gerry is below.

More balding Chris pictures.

One really goofy thing that Gerry and I always do -- seeing as we're buffoons and no one else seems to take pix except us for family posterity -- is we take pix of each other taking pix. That's me below a few years ago.

Doh! Dropped my camera on the floor! But Gerry's there to capture the moment!

A deeper insight into Gerry's beautiful mind...

Gerry telling me how much he admires me as his role model...

More photographer silliness...

And here he is, after that devastating ankle injury...

Here's my feeble attempt to get my own shot of his male pattern baldness...

And --notice I cut off the area where his brain might be -- this shot says it all.

Here's another gratitous female family member bum shot.

I took one of my mom on Sunday, but she promised to sue me if I posted it. Instead, I'll just post more stupid pix of me as taken by Gerry.

Well, of me AND Gerry.



  1. I love the relationship you and Gerry have :) A picture tells a thousand words, so I just read a massive essay all about it, and it was great! :)

  2. that sweater you're wearing in the last shot? Himself has got one just like it!

  3. Stace:

    :-) and that was kinda the point. I just found most of the goofiest shots we've taken of one another and posted 'em.

    Think about how Elspeth and her future younger sibling(s), all 17 of them, can similarly mesh!


    Well then I guess himself and I both shop at the same high-fashion men's wear stores. Or was that at WalMart in the discontinued section for $8.99?

  4. It is very scary at how much alike you both look, at least ya know ya both have the same father and one of ya aint the milkmans lol

    Love your family relationship..... thats very special..


  5. 17?!?! What do you take me for, a Catholic??

  6. Toasty:

    Yep, we do have the same father, how can ya tell?

    The family thing is, indeed, a beautiful thing. I love that I'm from a big family.

    They're becoming so rare nowadays.



    Of course!!! But OK, let's make it 7 stedda 17. Seven is a lucky number, after all.

  7. Only brothers can survive this kind of tormenting..because they have to!

    Where's your bare chested pose you girlyman? Were you worried about starting a flabbalanche?

  8. I luv the pics! They truly show just how fun and close your family is. That's even rarer than big families these days! You're so lucky to have a great relationship with your brother and family. That's how it should be.

    I take it the snow is gone for good now and things are back to cheery goodness and fun in the Great White North!

  9. Wow- you coulda been twins!

  10. Wonderful photographs and feelings are shown here. You are blessed to have such beauty in your life... as am I.

    Rare could not have been a better word in your response to another comment made here.

    It is great how silly you both are!

    soft love,

  11. DCMVXXII or whatever:

    Oh, so you have a new handle, huh? I thought you were in the throes of swine flu or something.

    There are no shirtless pix of me because I don't want to cause the divorce rate to suddenly spike worldwide as females flock to my door step.

    Thursday night?


    Yeah, the snow's gone, but it's still way below the norm here temp-wise. It's going down below freezing tonight, for example.

    A lot of those pix on this post are older, some taken during summer, some not.


    We were separated at birth -- by about nine or 10 years!!!


    Silly is my middle name! But yep, the several siblings thing is a terrific unifier.


  12. OMG, you mother reads this blog?!

    *laffs at the Mexican MANFLU man's comments*

  13. MJ:

    No, I would never let my mom read this blog, because sometimes you comment on it in your twisted way.

    Actually, I tried to get my mom to let me buy her a computer but she inexplicably refused.

    The Mexican ManFluMan is just lookin' for some sympathy. Ignore him, or make a reservation for you and him for my king-sized bed.

    I'll just move into my son's or daughter's room that night. He can wear the green elf shorts and drive you crazy.

  14. I've always enjoyed your family photos. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Anna:

    You're welcome. :-)


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