The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

April 24, 2009

Being Embalmed and Stuff


Actually, while at times in the recent past I have felt as though I've been embalmed or should be, I am very much alive. I'm just living in a more or less quiet mode at the moment.

Item No. 1: A beautiful, sensual, female who dances to life like no other and who is chalk-full of incredible depth and sensuality and things like that there, kinda sorta.

Item No. 2: My son Evan, who wowed the crowd as Charlie Brown, got the part of Willard in Footloose for next year's high school production, the part he wanted.

The kid's creative, he's intuitive, he's loving, he's maturing.

He blows me away, even if he IS a doofus punk who won't clean up after himself. He amazes me every time I see him and witness his growing maturity into a man.

Item No. 3: My daughter Monica, a nursing student, is about to turn 21. This dumbfounds my tiny male father provider/protector brain, puts me in a pinball-game state of tilt.

But she is so independent and driven.

There are plenty of words to talk about our lives, but sometimes nothing we say can describe them adequately.

Thisis one of those times.


  1. Love the song. You have two extrodinary children there WW.Your daughter is so beautiful and cute is the son who wants to be Charlie Brown and now dance his feet off. A movie I love by the way.

    As for your embalmed picture It cracked me up. But so cute it is.
    And Lastly, seems like everyone was having a dancing fool time in that photograph....smiles.

    Wonderful post.

    Soft love,

  2. Yeah. What you said.

  3. For important things in life, words are not needed. The poet in me who needs words all the time, realises that too well.

    Good to see your kids again.

  4. Tara:

    It's one of the most "amazing" songs of all time, I think...even though I am embalmed.

    It's OK to be a fool, as long as you're swayin' to the music at the same time.



    Ha ha ha!!! Hope you're feeling well...


    Well, words are beautiful things, but yeah, sometimes, they just seem to trip over themselves trying to say something that they can't really say.

    Your words are always welcome. :-)

  5. Your kids are remarkable dude.
    So, are you going to elaborate on #1?!!?!??!

  6. Gautami treats you much better than she treats Donn, don't you agree?

  7. Angel:

    Ha ha ha ha!!! OK, I met in the Orion galaxy and she doesn't have two heads.


    Well, Donn's like a buzzing mosquito in the middle of the night, you can never swat him.

    I'm more like a honey bee, just minding my biz. Or should that be buzz.

  8. You have a beautiful family.... and yep, some words just cant do it can they..

    But I can feel the love you have oozing off of the pages :)


  9. Awesome pics and sentiments. I think that it's great that you take the time to appreciate and live in the here and now. Most people breeze through the present, too eager to forget about the past and too worried about the future.

    Now is all we have, and these important moments are gone in the blink of an eye. You are truly blessed to have a great relationship with your kids and watch them grow into young adults. They are your legacy, the most important work and treasures of your life. Congratulations on a job well done.

  10. #1 was a little surprising - if it means what I think it means. I hope you're enjoying her and she's enjoying you.

    #2 There has never been any doubt in my mind that he will grow to be a remarkable man. Your his primary rolemodel - he can't go wrong.

    #3 I've always loved how proud you sound whenever you speak of your baby girl. 21 already - wow. Where did the time go, eh?

    It sounds like you're doing what you need to do and your focus is where it needs to be. Thanks for updating us from time to time.

  11. Toasty:

    Oozing all about as opposed to shaking, you mean?


    Wow. I thank you, man, but I only wish I was that good and that life was that perfect.

    I anguish sometimes about the past and freak out about the future, same as everyone, but I do appreciate that here and now thing, it's the only way try to MOSTLY be.

    But again, thanks for your kind words.



    Of course I update you from time to time...when I have time...


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