The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 9, 2009

Winter...and LOVIN' IT!

WW plows a portion of the snow in his apartment block driveway Friday.



  1. Have you gone out and made snow angels yet?

  2. Or a snow maniac, for that matter?!


  3. In the meadow did you build a snowman
    Then pretend that he was Parson Brown?

    Holy smokes! Now that's a snow day!!!

    Forget the plow! Grab a sled and slide! Hot chocolate and soup weather.

  4. Anna:

    I sure have, but there's a Fear Factor involved.

    See that cliff?

    Donnnnnnn fell off the side in a drunken stupor the other night and went splat on the other side of those trees below.

    Then he got covered by the snow I've been plowing. I haven't phoned his wife yet.


    "He's a maniac, MANIAC, for sure!"


    Too cold to build a snowman. Texans, of all people, should know that!

    At your suggestion, I now am charging admission and people are sliding down that hill.

  5. I would LOVE to see snow like that.... right proper deep white snow..... Id probably fall over on me arse though lol


  6. Toasty (and all you other non-Great White Northerners):

    OK, I'm getting from your responses that you actually believe this picture is showing the snow on my driveway.

    This is not the snow on my driveway.

    This is the snow from hundreds, maybe thousands of driveways and city streets, plowed by our city snow-clearing crews from the south end of the city since December or whenever it first snowed.

    The snow is put into giant dump trucks which deliver it to the location you see in the picture.

    From there, graders or caterpillars or whatever best describes that piece of machinery in the pic keep plowing it higher and higher and higher on an incline.

    By the end of the winter, this huge pile of snow is maybe 10 storeys high.

    If I actually HAD a driveway, I still would not have shovelled it because I think it's all a big waste of time.

    It's one big pain in the butt even when my apartment complex landlord orders us to remove our vehicles from the parking lot so they can remove all the snow.

    This is your lesson in REAL CANADIANA for today. Have fun marvelling at it.

    And you, Toasty, yes, I believe you WOULD fall over. :-)

  7. Climb every mountain, search high and low
    Follow every by way, every path you know
    Climb every mountain, ford every stream
    Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream
    A dream that will need, all the love you can give
    Everyday of your life, for as long as you live
    Climb every mountain, ford every stream
    Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream
    A dream that will need, all the love you can give
    Everyday of your life, for as long as you live
    Climb every mountain, ford every stream
    Follow every snowplow, till you find your... dream...

  8. Donnnnnn:

    Thank you Irving Berlin, or whomever.

    The hills are alive...with the sound of Homo Escapeons

  9. Sing along...

    I have confidence in sunshine
    I have confidence in rain
    I have confidence that SPRING will come again
    Besides what you see I have confidence in me!

  10. MJ:

    "I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK."

    After thawing over the weekend to a balmy -14 or so, it's back to -24 today (-39 with the windchill) and the HIGH for tomorrow, I believe, is -29.

    Frick, Frack, Fruck! Frigid.

  11. Ahh, snow. Must be weird, living with it. We're sweltering at the moment. I hate the weather in this town :P

  12. Stace:

    Ha ha ha ha!!!

    Very funny.

    Record cold here. In one place not far from here, Sparling I think, it got down to -43C.

    That's without a windchill factored in.

    But wouldn't you know it, they're calling for a high of 0C on Saturday or Sunday.

    They're just trying to drive us all crazy. It's Al Quaeda's new terrorism: weather manipulation.

  13. I thought of you yesterday (or was it the day before?) when I noticed the weatherman telling me (yes, he speaks directly to me) that it was -49 in Winnipeg. I was wondering how you were managing to keep warm. Let me know if you need any help with that. ;)

  14. Anna:

    It actually got to -50. I don't quite know how we manage to keep warm either, but I'm always open to ideas. :-)


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