The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

January 1, 2009


Believe it or not, nuns were a big part of my upbringing.

As a born-and-raised Catholic from a long line of Catholics, nuns taught me at Sunday School.

They taught me at the Catholic elementary school I attended and at the Catholic high school just down the block from that.

When I was an altar boy, one of my tasks was (GET THEE TO A NUNNERY!) to walk to the convent just a few minutes' stroll from the church to pick up the hosts that the priest would serve at mass.

So it's accurate to say that nuns have not been nones in my life experience. Some drove me gonzo, some were great. I could never understand why they'd pick that path, but that's not for me to judge.

So here I am, decades later. Haven't gone to church regularly for all those decades. Haven't hardly stepped inside a church. Certainly haven't seen a nun or dealt with one on any level.

And what does my goofy sister do? The Garage Sale Queen, who picks up the goofiest things and then hands them out as joke Christmas presents each December?

She gives me a Nunchuck toy for Christmas, complete with four little plastic nuns ready to be chucked (as in the photo above and, in my bad attempt at a closeup, below).

I'm pretty sure I'm not going to actually open the package and test out the Nunchucker, but instead will display it somewhere as a salute not only to nuns around the world but also to my sister.

She has not given me permission to post her picture on my blog or elsewhere on the Web, but I think I can show her from behind.

This is her hugging my daughter, I believe last year. I originally had a photo of her bending down, showing her butt. However, given the overwhelming sentiment that I would soon die at her hand, I have removed it.


  1. I think that was mean of you to post her butt. Hope she gives you hell for this.

    Is this any way to usher in the new year?!

    Happy New Year, you meanie thingy!

    Tch, tch....

    *despite my disapproval, I am grinning from ear to ear*

  2. Gautami:

    How can you in good conscience rap my knuckles and then, at the very end, admit you're grinning from ear to ear?

    See, women want to be teased. They know they do. And no one can tease a woman like a man.

    Especially if he's her older brother.

    If she ever finds out about this -- and I hope she does -- she'll kill me. But she'll have a girlie grin on her face as she executes.

    This is the ONLY way to usher (make that TUSHer) in the new year.

    (I have a collection of the butts of all my sisters, my mom, my grandma, some former girlfriends.

    Maybe it's worth a post sometime).

  3. heheheh nice arse :)

  4. Stace:

    Isn't it though? Ha ha ha ha!!!

    Actually, she's a beautiful woman. But don't tell her I told you that.

  5. Don't forget that I have YOUR butt!

  6. MJ:

    Hold on, I'll alert the media!

    And you have my butt only in a pictorial sort of way, let's make clear -- because you stole it off my own blog, as I recall!

    As I also recall, you made a SMART ASS remark about the grime that's all over that print, too.

    It's on my Flickr site, as I recall, and I included it in a blog post, didn't I?

    Bit of a bare-ass threat, isn't it? Yuk Yuk (and little does she know I have a bare butt pic of her)

  7. She is gonna kill you!

    Back in the 60s we were stuck in a French Catholic town and I had Nuns in lieu of qualified teachers up until grade 4 when we escaped to the Big City!

    My proud Protestant Mother found it all quite disconcerting given all of Martin Luther's valiant efforts to free the modern world from the shackles of the Papacy and all of it's trimmings. I didn't really care because my denominational exemption allowed me the priveledge of reading Marvel comix during catechism period.

  8. Holy crap! It's the Flying Nun! What a fun gift!

    I went to a Catholic school for grades 1 to 3. I thought I was Catholic til the 3rd grade! I just thought rosaries and mass were things we only did at school. When we had a joint mass with my older brother's class, the priest asked at one point for all the Catholics to raise their hands. I raised my hand til my brother tapped me on the head and inform me that we were NOT Catholics; we were Protestants!

  9. Yep, she'll kill you. I know I would if I were in her shoes.

  10. Donnnnn:

    You lost me after Big City.

    But whatever, OK. I picked it back up at Marvel comics and KIND of got your gist. I've since made an appointment for you with a shrink.


    Yeah, EVERYBODY thinks they're a Catholic until they hit Grade 3. Then they realize, hmmm, what's wrong with this picture?

    (Just kidding for all you Catholics out there!)


    You would? Donnn said she'll kill me. Maybe I should put in a disclaimer saying my goldfish did it, or it was the Vegemite that made me do it?

  11. Of course I would. If you ever gain possession of my ass (photo or otherwise), you had better keep it to yourself. ;)

  12. You are going to hell for posting those photos LOL.....

    We have a set of wind up racing nuns LOL....

    Happy new year dear you, did I already say that? if so, tough tittie, Im saying it again lol


  13. Anna:

    My lips are sealed. And I gave in and removed the offending picture, no ifs, ands or butts.


    I was going to hell anyway, so might as well have a bit of fun before I do.

    Wind-up racing nuns? That's worth a blog post, I'd say.

    Tough tittie...that's an expression that's been used in my family for generations, I think.

  14. ::smirking quietly in the corner::

    I have to say this was perfect. After reading this post and the previous I believe I have a smile that will take a while to disappear. The picture of you in the last post made me think of the movie, Phenomenon, where the actor had not shaved in days and was rather depressed and the woman he cared for came over and shaved his face. It’s a perfect fit, just sometimes takes adjustments.

    Either way, thank you.

    Soft love,

  15. Tara:

    I have pledged to try to get my hair cut today, and that can only be a good thing :-)

    As far as shaving, not sure if you've seen any of my shaving snafus posts -- I'm surprised I haven't bled to death yet.

    A woman couldn't do any worse!

    Be well.

  16. Happy New Year Chris, glad I'm not your sister!

  17. ZIggI:

    Are you kidding? You'd SO love to be my sister...the focus of all my teasing, my attention, my tickling...

    OK, maybe not. You can be my honourary sister. Would that work?

  18. So you removed that photo?! Anything to stay alive!

    I should have got here before this.

    As you know I got three brothers. Two older, one a year younger.I do like being teased by them and I also give them as good. Somehow being teased by brothers- older or otherwise seems so natural and good.

    And now to go and tease the younger one over the phone!


  19. Gautami:

    Yeah, I wussied out because of all you females throwing stones and hissy fits at me.

    See, but at least you admit you DO like being teased by your brothers. Let's be honest: it's what women live for.

  20. Get thee to a nunnery!

    Oh how that made me giggle!

  21. Pamela:

    Glad to brighten your day. :-)

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