The Family (Or most of them)

The Family (Or most of them)
The Family

October 20, 2008

More Puppy Pix (because, well, just because)


  1. These are just to cute for words.... there is hardly a day goes by that my Jacob who is 15 dont ask if we can have a dog lol and there is not a day goes by that I dont say NO....


  2. Toasty:

    So why do you keep saying NO? You've got chickens, lions, geese, bears, unicorns...

    Why not a dog?

  3. I think very young puppies look more like piglets than like puppies - look at those pink noses!

    They are beyond adorable. I think I'd want to hold them all day long.

  4. Anna, sweet girl...

    You will have plenty to hold all day long soon enough. Their noses will be pink, but not quite the same as these pups.

    They'll be pink all over.

    We'll be there to hold them for you when you or J. get tired. In a way, at least.

  5. They are adorable...all sleeping peacefully. At least they came in the world before it got too cold! Have they named them yet? Of course that would mean they would likely keep them if they name them.

  6. Because you KNOW what a babe magnet puppy pictures are. Hope you get a date! :) (You'll have to make her pay, though, being on strike and all...)

  7. Thanks for the updated puppy pictures WW. Few things melt a woman's heart more than a man who loves animals.

  8. This shameless, puppy-posting-ploy is nothing more than blatant interweb chick baiting!

    Those things are growing like weeds
    I'll take two!

  9. Y'all:

    Thanks. You'll see the most recent post is of some of the ugliest dogs I could find on the Web.

    This is to disprove the assertion or otherwise escape the notion that the posting of cute puppy pix -- or anything else I post here -- was or is intended to attract females.

    I just do that naturally with my wit, good looks and charm :-)

    (*Runs away*)

  10. Anonymous10:51 a.m.

    Well, that charm and wit is what has kept me coming back, WW.... and that stubble. (You will post at least one more shot of that lovely chin, won't you?)

    The ugly dogs are... well, I am not sure... especially that first one - he looks like a character from the ghost pirate ship on Pirates of the Caribbean! The last one is so grossly fat... poor thing. His humans should be reprimanded for feeding him too much food.

    If I could have a puppy, I would take the one with the little white stripe up his nose. That is just too darling!

    By the way, I live on the 26th floor because it is a lovely suite, not for the balcony or the view. And the location, of course - close to everything I love to do.

    I do hope your work strike ends soon and in favour of the workers.


  11. ICIT:

    You're embarrassing me! But I'm hurt, you left out my good looks! My day is ruined.

    At the moment, I think the beard (it's well past stubble now) will be for private viewing only...

    The company and the union are meeting today, so hopefully it's close to ending.

    I'm sure it must be cool being right downtown like that, or close to it. From 26 floors up, you'd be able to point at a destination and say, that's where I'm going tonight.

  12. Anonymous12:39 p.m.

    Did I not say your chin was lovely? You have a handsome face, WW. I am sure it is even better in person, as one would be exposed to that wit and charm as well as good looks.

    So the beard must be at the soft and tickly stage then. My fave!

    Even cooler is going up the CN Tower and being able to see the curvature of the earth's surface. Have you done that? There is a glass floor you can stand on as well but I stick to the inner wall and look out. My youngest sister takes great delight in running to the glass floor and taunting me.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for your union meeting today - strikes are just no fun at all.

  13. ICIT:

    OK, now I really AM embarrassed. I was just kiddin'. Really. Please...

    I have been up on the CN Tower, I think twice. It's unbelievable up there, it really is, ESPECIALLY the glass floor part.

  14. DC:

    You called, minuscule earthling? It's spelled God. Only the non-believers spell it Gawd.


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